Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

The charity Ailsa’s Aim was founded in 2020 with the objective of relieving the needs of people suffering from cancer or those experiencing premature and problematic childbirth. The company supplies and delivers free personal care packages, offering support, special items, and services to those in need. Its owners have firsthand experience in navigating tough times and aim to provide support for patients, children, families, and carers across England and Wales. Most Dedicated Cancer Treatment Care Support NPO 2023 - South East Niven Whatley began Ailsa’s Aim to repay those who had supported him and his partner Sara through their premature birth experience. In 2018, Sara became pregnant through IVF with her daughter Ailsa after six years of struggling to conceive. She faced many pregnancy complications. After the premature birth of her daughter, Sara received the devasting news that she was in the advanced stages of three forms of extremely rare ovarian cancer. When Ailsa was four weeks old and just out of Special Care, Sara was admitted for intensive chemotherapy and several blood transfusions. It was an intense and difficult time for the family, but thanks to Sara’s infallible strength and the care and expertise of NHS professionals, Sara has recovered and is in full remission. The couple were thrilled to watch Ailsa grow into a curious, healthy toddler. After witnessing the taboo of cancer and the lack of items in neonatal care, Niven and Sara set up their charity to support others through similar difficulties. The company recognises the impact that prolonged hospitalisation can have on friends and family and aims to lighten the load wherever possible. With Ailsa’s Aim, the couple hopes to raise awareness and provide thoughtful care packages to those experiencing challenges, as well as to carers and staff working tirelessly to deliver treatment. The personal care packages contain ten fullsized branded items, handpicked to promote positive wellbeing and reduce social isolation. These items include convenient hygiene and luxury items as well as gifts for patients and their support networks. Patients receive the packages free of charge in an effort to show that no one is ever alone. Ailsa’s Aim has currently delivered over 20,000 bags, and the demand continues to grow. The company is constantly searching for volunteers. The cost of living crisis has left people struggling to access necessary items during hospital visits. The charity has partnered with nine hospitals to continue to deliver its range of bags to those in need. Previous campaigns have included: cosmetic care bags for parents of children in Special Care; Christmas presents to children on Children’s Wards; care packages to key workers during the pandemic; snack stands for hospitals; baby changing facilities in cancer wards; and auctions and donation events to fund research into cancer treatments. One thrilled reviewer says, “Back in August, I received one of your bags at Charring Cross Hospital. Your bags, message, and contents were so appreciated. Everything has such heartwarming meaning and use! I was personally very touched. On Monday, I saw a young girl with your bag. She was also very grateful for the contents and was working her way through the useful items, as she wasn’t expecting a hospital stay.” Ailsa’s Aim is constantly looking to develop its bags and offer more life-changing products. In the future, the charity hopes to collaborate with more hospitals to widen its reach and provide patients with support, personal items, and signposting to appropriate services. With several fundraising events set for the end of 2023 and beyond, Ailsa’s Aim hopes to raise even more money to support its plans for growth. The company cannot wait to implement fresh ideas for packs over the coming years. We are excited to see what valuable campaigns Ailsa’s Aim will launch in the future to continue its support of families, friends, loved ones, and care providers. Company: Ailsa’s Aim Web Address: