Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 72 Best Village Beauty Salon 2023 - Sussex For over two decades, The Beauty Room has been offering extensive beauty treatments to the people of Sussex. Be it skincare or massages, The Beauty Room presents a personal approach to beauty that leaves clients feeling relaxed and refreshed. Join us as we explore the treatments that it offers, and how each one is specifically designed to bring about a sense of absolute bliss. Established by Sarah Dadson in 2003, The Beauty Room boasts a wide range of beauty treatments for its clients. Comprised of up-to-date techniques that are constantly being honed, these treatments are aimed towards accomplishing one simple goal – to ensure that the client leaves having enjoyed a truly indulgent experience. After all, who doesn’t deserve a little pampering from time to time? When the need arises, The Beauty Room intends to be there to treat the people of Sussex to an unforgettable experience. Standing as a testament to its excellence, The Beauty Room is the proud owner of a variety of awards. Having won The Gold Award for Massage Therapist from the British Hair and Beauty Awards, in addition to both Silver Beauty Therapist Award and Bronze Salon of the Year Award, The Beauty Room celebrates its 20th anniversary with yet another award to add to its repertoire. It’s clear that it holds an immense pride for the work that it does, earning it a place among some of the UK’s most highly regarded village beauty salons. From massages to face, eyes, hands, and feet treatments, The Beauty Room demonstrates an unapologetic commitment to its clients. No matter the treatment, it has actively gone out of its way to identify the best possible way in which to carry each one out in order to imbue the process with uncontested tranquillity. The result is clear to see – a collection of carefully crafted treatments that have clients desperate to come back for more. The relaxation that it promises has never once faltered throughout the past two decades, whether it takes the form of a marvellous massage or a faultless facial treatment. Of course, as a salon that has consistently demonstrated excellence for the last 20 years, The Beauty Room has devoted itself to keeping its practises up to date in line with the newest treatment techniques. It accomplishes this through attending regular refresher courses with its product brands, as well as following alongside emerging trends within the industry. Partner this with its commitment to attending trade shows every year in the hopes of discovering new products for the sake of its clients, and you’ve got a beauty salon that is willing to go the extra mile to leave its clients feeling utterly refreshed. Whether you’re partaking in a treatment alone, or are looking to spend some time unwinding with a friend, The Beauty Room is eager to invite all manner of individuals to take some time for themselves. In such a fast paced world, it’s important that we indulge in a little bit of me-time, and no village salon is more capable of encouraging this than The Beauty Room. No matter the treatment, its beauty therapists are trained to deliver high quality services that are sure to live up to any client expectation. And, with exciting plans for the future, we’re incredibly excited to see where The Beauty Room goes from here. No doubt, its developments will bring with them a wealth of new opportunities for clients to put all of their day-to-day stresses to rest. Contact: Sarah Dadson Company: The Beauty Room Web Address: