Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Peacefully settled in Cambridge, Little Petra is a family run Jordanian restaurant that values food, flavour, and, above all else, its fabulous customers. Despite having started off as a small establishment with a big vision, Little Petra is now renowned by customers from the local area, London, and Manchester alike for its rich menu and astounding environment. We venture into how this restaurant has come to make such a name for itself, with its thriving community supporting its every step. Best Traditional Middle Eastern Restaurant 2023 - East of England In April 2019, Little Petra first opened its doors to a wealth of excited patrons, each eager to sample what would soon be heralded as the best Jordanian food that Cambridge had to offer. Initially positioned on Mill Road, Little Petra now finds itself in a much larger location – one that has not only allowed it to increase its menu size, but has granted diners the opportunity to host private functions, should they so choose. However, it hasn’t been an easy venture for Little Petra, and one look at its opening year makes it easy to understand why. Only one year after opening, Little Petra was struck with the same misfortune that the rest of the hospitality industry suffered from – the enforced lockdown that came as a result of COVID-19. Despite the blip, however, Little Petra remained hopeful, and continued to receive the support of patrons who truly believed that it could persevere. And persevere it did – now, Little Petra occupies an expansive venue, and has an extensive menu to match. Its specialty in wholesome, traditional meals has become a staple of the local area, rivalled only by its sense of community. All of these aspects coalesce in a dining environment that stimulates all of the senses. Taste-wise, Little Petra offers a wide variety of Jordanian dishes, each complete with flavourful combinations that are guaranteed to please the tastebuds. This, partnered with its fantastic, energetic dining environment, has allowed Little Petra to establish an impressive balance between regular patrons, and guests looking to sample its renowned cuisine for the very first time. And, once you’ve tried a bite of Little Petra’s staples, you certainly won’t forget it. Little Petra’s food leaves a lasting impression – a quality that has helped it to persevere through even the toughest of times. What truly makes Little Petra special, however, is the composition of its dishes. Its food is, not only incredibly unique, but is prepared using the same recipes that are used at home across Jordan. All of its food is prepared each day, and every dish is given the same love and attention as the last. Little Petra specialises in creating a homely environment for its guests, and hopes that every individual that opts to taste its meals feels as though they’ve walked into a family kitchen from the moment they sit down. Enjoying both food and atmosphere is imperative for this family run restaurant, so much so that it’s become a defining feature among new and old diners alike. Heart and soul is the driving factor that has ultimately gotten Little Petra to the point that it finds itself at today. Whether this derives from the love of its customers, or from the family’s commitment to providing authentic, Jordanian cooking, no matter the roadblocks that may arise, it represents what can be accomplished, regardless of the challenges. Now, Little Petra has a thriving community of guests, and has seemingly redefined what it means to be a small business. Its excellence is simply unparalleled, making it a standalone restaurant that has everything anyone could want from a genuine Jordanian dining experience. Contact Details Contact: Yaseen Hlelat Company: Little Petra Web Address: