Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

to the development of sales propositions that range across agreed sectors and disciplines, as well as prospecting psychographic type (the style of organisation and the role within the organisation/business). By working directly alongside clients, the team are able to hone and refine the business plan through the assessing of the business’ vision and growth ambition, using their expertise to highlight opportunities and prepare for interactions that can yield valuable and successful outcomes. Following on from this, The Hand will again liaise directly with clientele, this time to design and run custom sales outreach campaigns that take place over cycles of 6-8 weeks, with these targeted messages being utilised for multiple touch points, inclusive of LinkedIn, phone calls, and e-mails. Beyond these sales led campaigns, the team will use HubSpot or similar software to build a brand profile and tailor it to meet a target/ agreed audience a business seeks to reach through nurture sequence e-mail campaigns. Each one of these layers involves a host of follow-up opportunities, and a scheduled review process is in place for the purposes of testing and learning as the roadmap moves from campaign to campaign, thereby building insights as work progresses. With reference to targeting, The Hand will champion premier case studies that a business provides, always focusing on awards and results, which serve as powerful content to take to market. Taking these achievements directly to the market proves that a business is able to provide expert solutions and will keep a steady flow of clients seeking out the services or products. There is a particular emphasis placed on organisations/businesses with budget, fed in with research/company news as well as reviewing partners to make well-informed decisions. For those looking for an incredibly beneficial ROI, The Hand typically bases its targets on a x3 on investment per year as a launching point, but clients can often experience numbers that are much higher in the first year, (x10 or higher) but of course this is not always guaranteed. What is guaranteed however is client satisfaction, with the close partnership approach taken by the team meaning clients felt heard, noticed, and understood. Additionally, agencies can anticipate year-on-year growth, as a new business tends to lead to more new businesses as the pipeline of leads builds and converts, with an average of 12 warm-to-hot leads in a 6-month period. Ultimately, The Hand is proud to offer strategic consultancy services and training that are of board-level, inclusive of its roadmap workshops and sales, as well as its impactful presentation and communications training programmes, the result of these being the implementation of a business development test strategy in the truest sense. Through these services, the business plan developed personally for a client will yield demonstrable changes, and hopefully lead to a long-term partnership that will continuously drive success. It is a blend of services across all levels of consultancy support, ranging from an initial in-depth strength analysis through to the head-on tackling of a pitch process, which ultimately comprises the holistic approach The Hand has adopted and evolved to ensure steady success. Through an in-depth programme of communications training, mentoring, and support, new business professionals, account management teams, and agency owners can all equally benefit from these newfound business skills. With a successful outcome, a client’s team can expect to be wellequipped to deal with any and all challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Numerous testimonials from a wide range of companies serve to solidify the great work the company does, with the consistent citing of the professionalism, swiftness, quality of advice, and personal approach which the team embodies. As a result, prospective clients can remain well-assured that they will be receiving the highest calibre of service, with solutions tailored personally to them to ensure their business sees the upmost success and engagement well into the future. Contact Details Contact: Nastasha Ellard-Shoefield Company: The Hand Consulting Ltd Web Address: