Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 24 The Hand exists for the purpose of truly partnering with its clients, encompassing themselves in a client’s values, culture, and mission for the purpose of creating mutual success. The Hand’s employees are committed to get under the skin of a partner business, speaking and behaving seamlessly as if they were one of the team. All employees at The Hand are experienced and keenly focused on establishing a sales pipeline that is durable and filled with leads that are personally verified and nurtured. Mass engagement is also avoided in favour of bespoke targeting, which ultimately results in the sourcing of qualified leads who are willing and ready to engage with clients. One key area of focus for the business is ensuring a successful ROI for clients, with recommendations stemming from a thorough agency investigation process that is inclusive of its competitive context and the wider marketplace, and this is all underpinned with a close eye kept on the financial side of a business. Success is evident through an abundance of client satisfaction case studies, with 80% of the clients The Hand works with having partnered with them for more than three years now in successful on-going partnerships. This is likely down to a thorough client screening process, designed to assess the existence of a mutual drive to succeed and innovate, with the ability to add a creative touch and be adaptive within a long-term relationship. The Hand’s team all thoroughly enjoy their jobs, and it is important for agencies to feel the same way about the meaningful work that is done for them to ensure success and prosperity on all accounts. In order to work closely and efficiently with clients to assist them in achieving their growth aspirations, a unique targeted plan (called a roadmap) is created which serves to combine the attainment and understanding of a new business with the knowledge and experience the team at The Hand can provide. This methodology commences with a tailored strategy and immersion workshop, which subsequently results in a roadmap equation, which is ‘client vision + Hand mission = measurable growth’. When The Hand Consulting Ltd launched in 2005, it was the first new business consultancy with a sole focus on the creative, design, and digital industries. Natasha Ellard-Shoefield is Managing Director of The Hand and has a wealth of commercial understanding and experience across industry more widely, this in addition to keen knowledge regarding the global context of markets. Driven by Natasha’s unique understanding, insight, and experience, the company is able to effectively support B2B communication locally and globally, taking complex products and services to market via a combination of awareness and engagement. Once the roadmap has been meticulously crafted and opportunities forged in the form of meetings, briefs, and pitches; the next stage in The Hand’s approach is close collaboration to nourish these leads, developing them into a new, reinvigorated businesses. This is achieved through the establishing of rapport and the developing of relationships, uncovering key challenges in order to stimulate opportunities, as well as training a client’s staff in these same areas to ensure growth continues for years to come. Focus post-strategy workshops are another key component of The Hand’s offerings, with the roadmap and immersion workshops leading Best Creative Agency Development Consultancy Firm 2023 - London