Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

workout sessions have countless benefits, including improved mood, natural pain relief, accelerated healing, strengthened immune system, reduced risk of heart disease, and calorie burning. To deliver these effects, the pair have developed a unique training system that focuses on breathing, laughing, antics, stretching, and takeaway, referred to as BLAST. With experience driving employee satisfaction through fun and enjoyment, Jackie understands the many positive effects that laughter can have in corporate settings. For this reason, Laughter Yoga offers company training days. Their short laughter yoga sessions are a great supercharger for the beginning of the day or after lunch, when energy levels are low. They are also a great way to encourage team building, providing staff with something in common to discuss. As a result of their leading laughter yoga workouts and training days, Clive and Jackie StJames have both been awarded Laughter Yoga Experience Facilitator of the Year in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2023. We congratulate them on this accomplishment and wish them the best of luck in the years to come. Company: Laughters Yoga Web Address: