Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 | 130 Best Contractor Certification Company 2023 Few companies can boast a 100% success record on any element of their offerings, so it’s even more impressive when a company that specialises in ISO certification can make such a claim. But it’s a fact when it comes to Foy Certification Ltd, which has developed an expert-led service that truly delivers on its promises. We spoke with owner, Andrew Foy to find out more following the team’s success in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2023. It is apparent that ISO certification is increasingly one of the key differentiators in numerous industries, “assuring” your potential customers that you are a safe pair of hands to do business with because of the robust ISO audit process you will have gone through. For some sectors, not having ISO certification is a real barrier to progress, making it more important to achieve that recognition. Foy Certification stands out in this demanding field, setting a crucial benchmark for all others. Its 100% success rate of clients passing their ISO audits at the first attempt remains quite frankly incredible considering the rigorous nature of ISO certification. But ISO is about more than just passing audits of course; choosing to have your business ISO Certified is a strategic decision and a declaration that you intend to be the best business you can be. As Andrew explains, “We show owners and directors how to transform their business through quality management and secure the world-class credentials of ISO Certification. That certification will define their best practice, manage risks, maximise opportunities, and access new markets and customers, giving them more money, more time, and less stress as their business continually improves.” Andrew and his team are not resting on any laurels, with a goal to become the automatic first choice for ISO consultancy in the UK. A lofty goal, but one they are well on their way to achieving. “We have a guarantee of first time ISO success, with 60% of our fee only payable after ISO audits have been passed. We have a 100% success record and we do not intend ever to have a 99% record!” That’s not the only goal for the company, of course, but it remains its ‘north star’. Andrew elaborates on the other values that Foy Certification holds as pillars of its work. “We offer the most direct, accessible, efficient, and effective route to ISO Certification. We agree a deadline with you from the outset to ensure transparent expectations and ensure we also provide appropriate ongoing aftercare until you are totally comfortable with managing your ISO systems.” “You concentrate on what is efficient and effective for your business and we deal with the minutiae of ISO, resulting in a management system that everyone has bought into and wants to implement for individual and collective benefits. The ISO process can be daunting at first, so adhering to our own values - of simplicity, guidance, and growth - ensures a positive and effective experience from day one. There is never any need to struggle with our methods, it never needs to be “hard work”.” With success well in hand, the future of Foy Certification lies in aiming to achieve that central goal. But Andrew and the team are focused on continuing to develop and refine their approach in a dynamic market. “We are preparing digital courses that will replicate our one-to-one service for smaller businesses and for existing clients who want an easy reminder to hand. We are also creating a tech solution powered by AI that will allow clients the most powerful way to maintain their ISOs once achieved.” “We fit ISO to your business, we do not expect your business to fit to ISO.” Contact Details Company: Foy Certification Ltd Name: Andrew Foy, Owner Email: Web Address: Address: Old School House, Great Wratting CB9 7HA Telephone: 07528-571357