Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, and the subsequent lockdown that it caused, most individuals had no choice but to work from home. Though difficult at first, working from home gradually started to become the new normal, with the comfortable environment lending to productivity and employee wellbeing. As such, CREATE Business Hub spotted an opportunity for change, and has since operated alongside a variety of clients to develop interactive work environments that resemble the personal experience of working from home. Below, we explore its rich portfolio of ideas. Best Fully Serviced Private Office Space 2023 - Essex Demonstrating the meaning of innovation, CREATE Business Hub offers fully serviced offices, virtual offices, fixed desks, hot desks, and meeting rooms to a multitude of clients across Essex. Regardless of a company’s sector, CREATE Business Hub has trained itself to adapt to any requirement, allowing it to view office design through the lens of both employer and employee alike. This, partnered with its eye for what an office environment needs in order to encourage a flourishing structure, has granted CREATE Business Hub a unique opportunity that it’s never going to relinquish. It has the power to transform the office space in wholly inventive ways, and intends to utilise this knowledge to the best of its ability. We, as people, spend the majority of our day to day time at work. Despite this, many companies simply don’t pause to consider that an office space should be reworked in order to accommodate this fact. So long as the bare essentials are there, what more needs to be done? CREATE Business Hub acts as a means to explain exactly why a comfortable and interesting work environment is so essential. It can spark creativity, and offer employees the chance to step away from their computers and enjoy a slice of down time in an otherwise busy schedule. Enhancing the wellbeing of workforces is what CREATE Business Hub thrives on accomplishing, and it’s clear to see through the plethora of completed projects that it boasts. After all, CREATE Business Hub revels in the unexpected and quirky. This is made increasingly evident when viewing its expansive catalogue of previous projects. From sprucing up meeting rooms with feature pieces – such as its Brentwood office housing a restored, retro café racer motorbike – to its Shenfield and Chelmsford projects, wherein the office holds pool tables that are able to effortlessly convert into meeting tables, CREATE Business Hub demonstrates an intrinsic understanding of how to marry work and fun to create optimal comfort for a business’s workforce. Its inspired vision has extended well beyond expectations, introducing the UK to some of the most whacky, yet functional, office spaces imaginable. Whether employees are wanting to pause their workday and snap a quick selfie with a Stormtrooper, or are looking to spend their lunch break blissfully nestled in a hanging tent, CREATE Business Hub has every necessary tool to make it happen. Creating the unexpected is its specialty, resulting in a variety of incredible projects that completely defy what is expected of a ‘normal’ office space. Following standard trends is far from CREATE Business Hub’s aim, and it instead opts to see how far it can go in order to concoct an interesting work environment that’s wholly focused on bringing out the best in everyone who operates within it. CREATE Business Hub is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within interior design. Its office projects serve as a reminder that it’s okay, and even beneficial, to bring some flavour to an office space. By forging an atmosphere that’s interesting to work in, whilst also promising comfort and creative encouragement, employees are able to flourish in ways that employers may have never expected. CREATE Business Hub seeks to spread this awareness, and it seems that it has its sights set on completely reinventing the way employers across the UK view their offices. We’re excited to share CREATE Business Hub’s brilliant vision - we simply can’t wait to see what quirky projects it undertakes in the future. CREATE Business Hub Brentwood 01277 288049 • Shenfield 01277 288289 • Chelmsford 01245 203555 Email: Web: Social: