UK Enterprise Awards 2018

112 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Most Established Recruitment Agency 2018 - Bedford Spectrum Recruitment Ltd UKE180051 Spectrum Recruitment Ltd is a recruitment agency operating in a variety of industries with a teamwhich is always looking to place the client first. We invited Suzanne Letting to tell us more about her company and the success that it has achieved. been through the recruitment process myself, I wanted to offer a service that didn’t feel daunting to candidates or make them feel like they were just a number. I also wanted to extend that personal service to clients so they’d be confident that our chosen candidates would fit into their organisation. We do this by carefully listening to both our candidates and clients at every step of the recruitment process. We don’t deal in numbers, we deal in people.” Alongside the company’s ability to put the client first, there are many other aspects which differentiate it from its competitors. Marking Spectrum Recruitment out as the best possible option for customers, Suzanne believes that the versatility of the company is what entices clients to work with the firm, as not only do they produce fantastic results, but they also mentor, provide advice and guide people through their careers. “Competitors see us as a small independent force to be reckoned with. With the rise of internet-based recruiters, now more than ever we are able to differentiate ourselves by offering a personalised service that’s easy to access via our High Street branches. Many online agencies overpromise and don’t deliver and the first time a candidate hears from them is when they’re contacted about an interview. We get to know our candidates and clients from the very first phone call and continue our personal service throughout the recruitment process. I remember one case where a female IT specialist came to us in feels like to have been selected as the Most Established Recruitment Agency 2018 in Bedford, and she outlines what she believes are the reasons behind the company’s extensive success, notably the excellent customer satisfaction that the firm achieves. “Here at Spectrum Recruitment, we are delighted to have won this award and would like to thank all our wonderful clients and candidates who make what we do so rewarding. I believe, in this our 30th year of business, that our success is down to several factors. We have evolved with technology, welcomed new legislation and diversified into new and emerging industries, such as robotics. At the heart of our success, though, is our dedication and passion. We set out to offer a personal and caring service to both candidates and clients and this continues today. We have built up and maintained a level of trust so much so that we have long-term clients who have been with us since the start.” Discussing the company’s mission and the methods that she and her team employ in order to ensure they are on the right track, Suzanne states that staff strive to show the client that they are in fact the most important aspect of the project. “Since inception, our mission has always been to show every client and candidate that they are important to us. Having Established in 1988 by Suzanne Letting, Spectrum Recruitment currently operates with two High Street branches in Flitwick, and Woburn Sands in Bedfordshire, employing six full-time staff and two employees who work remotely. Working with an assortment of clients, Spectrum Recruitment covers many multi-sector industries, including commercial, industrial, catering, engineering, legal, sales, IT and retail. Utilising its enhanced reputation across the industry, the team works with clients both locally and nationally to recruit candidates for a range of positions. Suzanne starts off the discussion by telling us what it