UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 113 Spectrum Recruitment Ltd g Company: Spectrum Recruitment Ltd Contact: Suzanne Letting Address: Unit 2, High Street, Flitwick, MK45 1DS, UK Phone: 0800-170-1212 Website: tears because she had RSI and thought her career was over. We were able to help her consider other options and as a result she applied and was offered a job as an IT lecturer at a local college. To be instrumental in guiding someone to a new career is incredibly rewarding.” Being based in the UK has been very beneficial to Spectrum Recruitment, as Suzanne believes that there is always room to grow in the region, particularly as the environment is always changing. As well as commenting on the benefits of being based in the UK, Suzanne also mentions what trends she has seen develop in the sector specifically to the region, and whether they have had an impact on her company. “Having owned and managed a UK business for the last 30 years I’d say we British are perfectly set for organic growth. With Brexit we can either be excited or scared. I prefer to be excited as this gives us all a chance to strengthen our brands and reach markets that we may have not explored before. “Over the past 30 years the landscape has changed dramatically, with IR35, Minimum Wage implementations and new legislation concerning Agency Workers Regulation. We have welcomed these changes as they mean a more professional service and protection for our clients and candidates. We are also embracing the new, and long overdue, GDPR regulations.” With Spectrum Recruitment continuing to grow, it is important that Suzanne and her team adapt to the daily advances which are arising across the globe, not just in the recruitment sector. In this regard, technology is playing an increasingly dominant part in how companies operate, and Suzanne refers to the work that she and her team have done to adapt. “In 1989, we became one of the first companies in Bedfordshire to install training and software to help candidates test their skills and knowledge. We subsequently opened a training wing to upskill candidates in preparation for a new job or career. In 2013, we became aware that we needed to integrate our processes to streamline them and reduce human error. We actively changed to new systems which were further developed in 2016 and honed down to one single platform for our front-to back-office processes. By not having different systems for different processes, such as Sage Payroll & Accounts, a Timesheet system and CRM system, and integrating everything onto one platform, we were able to reduce costs considerably and offer a more streamlined service to our clients.” Looking ahead, Suzanne is excited about what the future holds for the UK business market, but also unsure about what developments arise. With Brexit causing markets and industries to behave unpredictably, many UK SME’s will have to adapt accordingly, something Suzanne believes the company is well prepared for. “Potentially the UK business market is now more than ever ripe for development but quite how it will pan out after Brexit is anyone’s guess – all we can do is adapt, modify and overcome any challenges Brexit presents to us and remain, like all SMEs in the UK, the backbone of our economy.” Regarding what the future holds for Spectrum Recruitment, there is widespread optimism amongst the team that there is a bright future ahead for the firm. In her concluding comments, Suzanne predicts exciting times ahead, whilst also telling us about some exciting initiatives which will continue to see the firm grow, as well as look after the environment. “With a sense of pride, Spectrum Recruitment continues to strive to become a household name in Bedfordshire. We aim to diversify into new areas of supply and in future would like to add another branded office to our stable. We will continue our community initiative where for every candidate we place in permanent employment we purchase a tree to be planted at the Forest of Marston Vale in the local area. Since we started the initiative in 2010, we have donated over 300 trees and we love the idea of a tree growing at the same time as our candidates’ career flourishes.”