UK Enterprise 2020

16 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Having been operating for more than twenty years, Corporate Payroll Solutions Ltd (CPS) knows a thing or two about providing top quality SaaS and cloud-based payroll and HR software to clients in the United Kingdom. The last two decades have paved the way for the firm to establish a reputation for offering exceptional solutions to clients in many different sectors, with businesses ranging in size from 100 to 12,000 employees. We take a closer look at the firm to find out more about what it offers. Best Payroll Outsourcing Company 2020 Jun20333 The HMRC-compliant comprehensive payroll software from CPS is designed to ensure payroll accuracy and full compliance with payroll regulations. It can be used as a standalone product, as part of a payroll bureau service, or as a fully outsourced payroll depending on what the client wants. There is also the HR software that is intuitive and easy to use, enabling clients to streamline HR administration work whilst also facilitating efficient and effective management of employees. The firm is all too happy to offer whatever level of involvement clients require to provide a flexible solution that meets their needs in whatever way best suits them. CPS’ core values have always been, and continue to be, centred around exceptional service for the customer at all times. There have been plenty of comments and reviews that act as testimony to how consistently outstanding the firm has been, and that it always works hard to be a partner that has very open and honest relationships with the client. Some clients have been with the firm for more than twenty years now, which is testament to the excellence of the service that is provided. In fact, one client recently commented that the firm’s ongoing support has been nothing short of faultless. Another emailed to say what an amazing job one of the team was doing for her during the stressful pandemic period, particularly when payroll rules were in such a state of flux. What differentiates CPS from the competition is the level to which it tailors its software to match the exact requirements of companies and clients. Whether clients require HR software, payroll software, a fully outsourced payroll, or an integrated combination of all three, CPS can provide them with a bespoke solution that meets their requirements. For example, one client had a highly complex process that was based on a completely manual timesheet system. They had different rates of overtime that were dependent on location, time, various holiday and pension schemes, and varying hours being worked depending on role and location as well. Some employees were on rotas, whilst others had ad hoc working patterns. It simply wasn’t working. CPS stepped in, and was able to create a bespoke timesheet module within its existing smartphone app that handled all the highly variable and complex timesheet shift rules. It performed the necessary pay calculations behind the scenes, but was simple and straightforward to use from the employees’ perspectives. Some other clients may come to the firm with a system already in place for either payroll or HR, and ask CPS to provide them with the other. In those instances, the firm will adapt its own software to integrate with the existing one. The final scenario is where clients often utilise third-party time and attendance systems which they wish to seamlessly integrate with a payroll outsourcing provider, or require bespoke files for general ledger posting of the payroll to their chosen finance system. In everything, CPS offers a fully bespoke service to suit the individual requirements of the client. Numerous client testimonials and reviews reveal that one of the major reasons they choose to partner with CPS is because of the quality of the technology, and the level of bespoke work carried out to make sure the software accommodates their specific requirements. Clients also tell of how the smartphone app delivers real benefits to the business, and promotes employee engagement like never before. Workflow processes can be incorporated for line managers to authorise requests, with responses in real time delivered to the message inbox contained within the intuitive app. Inevitably, it can be challenging when it comes to designing software that caters for a really high level of complexity, but CPS always rises to meet that challenge for its clients. Pre-pandemic, there was already a trend towards companies looking at ways to move to greater digitalisation of the workplace. From the perspective of CPS, that included looking at the use of payroll and HR software. That software could be used to enhance business operations through better reporting and real time analytical capabilities to help companies make more informed short-term and strategic decisions. The pandemic has now put factors like business resilience in the spotlight too. Many of the firm’s clients have commented about the value of being set up to run payroll remotely and access HR information easily. The fact that the software can be so rapidly updated took a lot of pressure off clients when dealing with furlough claims and COVID-19-related statutory sick pay for example. Despite these difficult times, CPS has actually found itself in the fortunate position of having a growing demand for its services. This has happened to such an extent that the firm has recently even begun recruiting into the team. CPS’ internal culture is always friendly, approachable, and professional. The whole team is qualified with the Chartered