UK Enterprise 2020

170 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Often, people have mistaken the concept for a sophisticated AI, asking if they were “real people”. Naturally, the personalised service that the team excel in could not be provided by even the most impressive of artificial systems. The main challenge of this was the way in which the team’s staff work remotely, but COVID-19 has turned this on its head. As many businesses have left the office thanks to the pandemic, management and leaders have been able to see how effective someone working from home can be. Where they were previously hesitant, now they can see the many benefits of this new normal. As a result, the last few months have seen clients becoming more open to the service that the team provides, increasing the amount of business undertaken significantly. The current crisis has presented challenges that many businesses have been unprepared for, but it is a situation that Timpi Virtual Assistants has When a business is working hard, it’s easy to end up getting caught out by all the little, but vital tasks that keep everything running smoothly. Far too many people have ended up writing emails and organising social time at midnight. Timpi Virtual Assistants take the strain so that you can focus on what’s really important. We look at the firm more closely to find out more. Best Lifestyle Management & Virtual Assistant Business 2020 Jun20226 Large enterprises have the capacity to provide a multitude of different support structures to individuals, but small and medium enterprises can struggle to find the situation-specific support that they might need. Working remotely, the team behind Timpi Virtual Assistants have devised a solution that could revolutionise the industry. What Timpi Virtual Assistants offer clients is a dedicated PA who is available whenever required. Many businesses do not need support all the time, so Timpi Virtual Assistants provides a solution that works on a minute-by-minute basis. No time is wasted, with the service being entirely flexible. Because the company provides a personal Virtual Assistant to each client, it has proven easy to build up a successful business relationship that has allowed businesses to thrive. There are no sign-up fees or long-term contracts for clients. Anyone who decides to work with Timpi Virtual Assistants does so on a one month rolling contract. This means that everyone is treated equally. If a client is not satisfied with the service they have received, a fourteen day money back guarantee is offered. A Timpi Virtual Assistant can bring many benefits to the clients they work for. Working in the same time zone for a start, many are engaged as specialists in the areas and sectors they work in. This allows the Virtual Assistant not only the chance to accelerate through any on-boarding process, but to recommend exceptional companies and services too. Despite working remotely, the team behind Timpi Virtual Assistants have met each assistant personally to ensure that they are of the highest calibre. The concept of a Virtual Assistant is one that is not well known in the UK, which has made it something of an outlier in the British economy. always worked in. Those who work for the firm have a unique bank of knowledge from which they can advise businesses. Putting best practice into place wherever they go has been a real boon to those who need to adapt quickly and successfully to remain as leaders in the market. As businesses continue to adapt and change, they need to take on staff who can change with them as they flourish. That’s precisely the sort of service that Timpi Virtual Assistants provides, and is why they have been able to achieve such incredible levels of success. Company: Timpi Virtual Assistants Name: Stephanie Sheargold Web Address: