UK Enterprise 2020

173 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20067 In the middle of a crisis, nobody wants to be hanging around waiting for decisions to be made. For those who need to be moved long-distance, there are very few options available. Hearts First Ambulance Service is far and away the best of these many options, providing the premier service in the private ambulance healthcare sector. We take a closer look at what the company can do for you, in the light of its success. At the heart of Hearts First Ambulance Service is a commitment to providing a duty of care. For the last twenty years, the team have been involved with the NHS and the private sector, providing exceptional transport for those who are in anxious and unplanned situations. Going above and beyond is what they do, and they excel at it in every regard. Based in Radlett, just north of London, the team behind Hearts First Ambulance Service have grown into an industry well-known name for those wanting a private ambulance service. Over the years, the company has been able to establish satellite bases in Manchester and Scotland giving the full UK coverage with regards to transportation. This unique positioning within the industry has been key to the many successes that the business has achieved. Building up a well-respected reputation within the healthcare industry is no easy task, but the team at Hearts First Ambulance Service have done so with elegance and grace. Their mission is to provide the very best level of care alongside the most cost-efficient transport service to all patients. All staff are NHS trained, spending a minimum of five years with a frontline ambulance trust before working with Hearts First Ambulance Service. Each member of the talented team is qualified to the highest professional and clinical standards to ensure the safety of everyone involved. One of the specialisms of Hearts First Ambulance Service is its ability to go further than any public health provider. Long distance travel is where the team are able to excel, with many years of experience in this sector. When it comes to the UK, there is no other company that comes close to matching their skill and capability, with over 275 UK transfers, including on average 75 Air Ambulance UK transfers and over 20 international transfers organised each month. Very few private ambulance services that specialise in this niche specialist field of long distance transfers, which has allowed the team at Hearts First Ambulance Service to corner the market in this regard. The service also has a great depth of experience when it comes to arranging a full repatriation service whether it requires transportation by land, air or sea. In challenging circumstances, nobody wants to spend time working on the logistics of moving someone to a place where they are with their family and friends, or maybe even a more sophisticated treatment setup, so Hearts First Ambulance Service takes away the stress and the strain. Other services that the team can provide are available on request and include local private patient transfers, repatriation medical escorts on commercial flights, corporate & event medical cover and expedition & group travel medics. These other services all draw on the considerable experience gleamed from the team’s work in long distance travel. As the team’s sphere of influence continues to grow, they hope to continue focusing on providing an unrivalled highly professional specialist service. It has been the heart of the business since the beginning, and the key behind the team’s lasting success. Company: Hearts First Ambulance Service Web Address: Hearts First Ambulance Service Best Specialist Private Ambulance Service 2020 & Leading Providers of Repatriation Services 2020 - Western Europe