UK Enterprise 2020

181 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 The title of “bookkeeper” doesn’t quite cover the enormous ground which Leanne Ladds covers in her business. To clients, she takes on the role of advisor, solution finder and overall wing woman. Amidst a tumultuous year of rapid change, she has managed to achieve success in the UK Enterprise Awards too. We look at the firm in light of this astonishing triumph. Accountancy Practice of the Year 2020 - Yorkshire Based in the heart of Yorkshire, Leanne Ladds provides an essential service to many businesses in the north. Fully licensed by the AAT to provide support, she has proven to be a popular choice amongst her clients, offering advice that has allowed their businesses to flourish. Leanne is able to provide a variety of services that include bookkeeping, self-assessment tax returns, financial accounts and accounts preparation for sole traders and partnerships, payroll, VAT and consultancy for computerised accounting systems such as Sage and Quickbooks. This range of support is available whenever a client needs it. While this could be considered the formal workload, Leanne takes on a great deal of accountancy work outside of this remit. She will fill in the necessary forms or applications if they are complex or time- consuming, she will chase payments for clients, and she does it all with a friendly smile and the perennial offer of a cuppa. Many accountancy firms are brought in to observe how a business is running and offer an outside perspective, but Leanne gets right into the thick of it, partnering with clients and knowing how they work intimately. When running a business, it can be difficult to attend an appointment, so Leanne has made it her priority to be accessible whenever a client requires. This decision has helped set the business apart as a truly reliable resource. The flexible approach benefits all parties as it means that she has a strong connection with all the businesses she works for. Often, Leanne is the person phoned at 9pm or after a rough week in business, able to give advice and help to the best of her ability. COVID-19 has made this approach one that has been highly appreciated by clients. There are many challenges in business already without a global pandemic! As businesses have been forced to shut, bills have piled up and new legislation has been passed, Leanne has worked tirelessly to ensure her clients get the support they deserve. When applications opened for CBILS, and shortly after BBLS, no one knew the system, and everyone needed the lifeline. Throughout this period, Leanne was in contact with clients, banks and government advice, keeping up to date with daily developments as well as alerting people to potential sources of assistance. Yorkshire is an amazing diverse region, mixing industry with skilled businesses and individuals. Tending to the needs of this wide pool is not always easy, but is a task that Leanne relishes. During the pandemic, she has kept people feeling connected and comforted in an often lonely world. Needless to say the last few months have been an incredible challenge for everyone, but it is thanks to the calming professionalism of people like Leanne that businesses have been able to recover and thrive so quickly. Jun20313 When looking for an accountancy firm, professionalism comes as standard. What it can be hard to find is a person who is happy to connect with your way of working and encourage you through the hard times. Leanne Ladds Bookkeeping Services is built on this principle, delivering a service with a smile and a positive attitude. Company: Leanne Ladds Bookkeeping Services Name: Leanne Ladds Web Address: