UK Enterprise 2020

185 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 With deep hospitality industry knowledge and a passion to develop the guest experience platform for the future, Alliants has been helping some of the world’s most respected luxury hotel, travel and retail brands deliver exceptional customer experiences for over a decade. Operating across 46 countries and 15 time zones, we took a closer look at this award-winning enterprise. Best Hospitality Software Platform 2020 By combining deep commercial industry knowledge, understanding and decades of practical experience with powerful software products, Alliants has helped some of the world’s leading luxury hotel, travel and retail brands deliver exceptionally high standards of customer service. Established in 2009 by Tristan Gadsby and Nick Daniels, the company designs industry changing technology solutions, such as award-winning mobile apps and chat applications, that are being used by millions of customers across the globe, including Four Seasons, Jumeirah and Emirates Holidays. Operating across 46 countries and 15 time zones, Alliants is well placed in Southampton, UK to function globally. Their main office location on the banks of the River Hamble not only places the Alliants team in close proximity to Heathrow airport and rail links to London, but also creates an idyllic environment that staff are able to enjoy working in. For Tristan and his team, it is the people that enjoy life and work in that order that are ideal recruits for Alliants. With a passion for working with leading technologies, a great physical environment in which to operate and a generous annual training budget that supports staff to achieve exceptional results, Alliants cultivates exceptional staff who deliver award-winning projects. This results in continued development for the organisation and excellent customer service. The impact of COVID-19 has been severe on Alliants’ core market, with many hotels only just beginning to reopen their doors following months of lockdown. This has meant that hotel and travel brands are having to become more cost conscious and operate with fewer resources. The pandemic has increased awareness of avoiding transmission of contaminants through touching shared surfaces and has accelerated the move to digital and contactless. Alliants have foreseen some developments within the travel and hotel industry, in particular the desire to operate through contactless means, which would allow guests to use their own devices when managing their hotel experiences, from messaging hotels to interactive itineraries during their stay, or contactless payments and controlling in-room devices. The challenge faced by many within the hospitality industry is how to maintain a personable human touch to their service whilst it becomes increasingly digitised. However, Alliants are facing these challenges head on, offering a solution that is easy to implement. The launch of their new guest experience platform allows hotels and residences to easily communicate with guests before, during and after their stay, combining messaging with powerful automation to deliver exceptional contactless customer experiences. The platform’s various benefits include helping hotels reduce physical touchpoints and to implement social distancing guidelines by preventing long queues forming at reception desks. Features such as digital check in and out, mobile room keys, guest and staff apps, digital itineraries and so much more mean this platform is vital for hotels who are trying to continue business as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible, whilst manoeuvring social distancing and localised lockdowns. The platform also includes reporting features that will enable increased insights, helping the concierge team to fully understand guest preferences by providing comparisons of guest behaviours against market, segment and property. Speed of delivery is also critical during these times and hotels can get up and running to deliver a great contactless experience in under a day, with all training and installation completed remotely. “Alliants Experience Platform allows hoteliers to deliver a contactless experience and take a guest centric approach, both critical elements required to improve performance in the current environment. With no charge and no commitments until 2021 we hope hoteliers can benefit from the platform that has been developed by a team that has unrivalled experience in delivering exceptional customer experiences.” said Tristan Gadsby, Alliants CEO. These are strange and difficult times for the hotel and travel industry, but people love to travel and this innovative UK company delivers a digital and contactless solution that enables hoteliers to recommence business as efficiently but as safely as possible. Company: Alliants Ltd Contact: Tristan Gadsby Web Address: Jul20162