UK Enterprise 2020

192 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Sales success comes down to a variety of factors, with every business looking to transform the way in which it is able to find and follow up on leads. After years of shaping companies into global success, the team of Kieren O’Connor and Costa Koizi set up Growth Stream® with the intention of helping as many businesses as possible. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of its amazing success. Jul20199 Start-ups live and die based on the sales they make. The main aim is always to turn a profit so that the business can thrive. Costa Koizi and Kieren O’Connor founded Growth Stream® after assisting many start-ups through the tumultuous set up process and only left when they had been able to achieve global success. Proven methods guide every decision that Growth Stream® takes, with the team now working on a broader scale than ever before. Where once they would join businesses individually, now they supply them with the techniques that will allow them to continue to grow and thrive. The team cast a broad net, with their way of working applicable to a wide variety of different business. Growth Stream® has worked alongside innovative start-ups to large corporations, helping clients to achieve over £10million in increased sales figures. This sort of work is achievable by any business if they follow the Growth Stream® approach. Both Kieren and Costa come from practical backgrounds where they have been able to put their theories into practice from an early age. Kieren left school at 16, but was leading a team by the age of 18 and was made Managing Director of a tech start-up in Austin, Texas by 22. Costa has achieved similar success, leading teams and helping multiple international businesses in their growth plans by the age of 23. Learning all of this knowledge as the world has grown to see the potential of the digital age has been the ideal learning curve for Kieren and Costa. While many business advisors remain stuck in the old way of working, Growth Stream® has the depth of knowledge to allow businesses to compete in this brave new world. Their work ensures that their clients have a significant head-start in this regard. Drawing on hard-earned expertise, Growth Stream® have been able to coach graduates into top-industry professionals. This is thanks to an attitude that only accepts the best. This means that their solutions are cost-effective and long-lasting. To them, businesses can only reach their full potential if they are able to smash their sales targets. To achieve this, therefore, the team have developed a system that puts the client first and foremost. At every stage of this process, Growth Stream® focuses in on the client, or lead, to ensure that not only is every attempt made to engage them, but that if they are not engaged, the team are able to discover why and apply this knowledge to future situations. The process that Growth Stream® has created and developed over the years is truly exceptional, and can be delivered to large audiences at scale. Instead of having to visit companies individually, seminars and lectures allow the Growth Stream® team to reach as many people as possible in order to have a significant impact. It goes without saying that these sessions have an astonishing impact on those who attend, with many people returning to work filled with new ideas and potential. The first step on the Growth Stream® program, therefore, structure. Above and beyond anything else is an understanding from the sales team of how the day is structured and if the processes already in place support the amount of sales and the sales budget that is available. Changing this simple step could revolutionise the way in which a business operates. Once in touch with a contact, it’s essential to cultivate that lead. Creating what the Growth Stream® team refer to as a Touchpoint is vital. Often it is just not considered as an important step, but at Growth Stream®, it marks the point at which a client may or may not turn to a business. 90% of companies don’t have a Touchpoint process in place, which gives a significant advantage to those which do. The Growth Stream® team look at the “unable to contact” rate and give specific and practical advice on what is required to transform a lead into a potential opportunity. Having caught up with more leads, it’s vital to keep in contact and ensure that everyone who could possibly be interested has the opportunity to engage with the business. 80% of deals in the UK require a business to follow up on a lead a minimum of five times before a company can win the deal, so persistence is key. Growth Stream® help a sales team to put the necessary systems into place so that that instead of closing an opportunity because they can’t contact the customer, it remains open to be followed up and give the best chance of closing a deal. Failure to make a deal is part and parcel of the business, but there are still lessons to be learned. Growth Stream® can go a long way to transforming a wavering no into a potential yes. When a lead comes back with a reason not to go ahead with the deal, it is no excuse not to try and turn the situation around. The Growth Stream® team are armed with the best ways to move forward and get the best chance of finally sealing that deal. In all, Growth Stream® offers clients a chance to get ahead in business from two of the leading minds in the sales arena. Not many companies can boast such a talented team that combines practical experience with considerable business acumen. It’s how the team has achieved such enviable success so far, and is how they will continue to thrive in the future. Company: Growth Stream® Name: Costa Koizi Web Address: Growth Stream® Best Sales Performance Consulting & Solutions Provider 2020