UK Enterprise 2020

193 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 From regional powerhouses to bespoke storefronts, the team behind MBJ have a history of success. Their mission is simple – to help businesses go digital. Companies that achieve the most have a passion for their work, but this can lead to a gap where IT is involved. MBJ fills this gap. The MBJ team understand that there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to a website design. Each should be able to embrace the values and ambitions of the brand in its entirety. Additionally, the team also understand this implicitly, and stand alongside businesses in every way. They design, build and manage the website, using their powerful knowledge of online voices. Working with this talented company means that clients can focus on their business, safe in the knowledge that MBJ have the website in hand. They act as a personal IT team, managing the website’s performance, running keyword research and SEO optimisation to ensure it reaches the highest possible audience. For SMEs, it’s a chance to truly represent their business ideals. Since mid-March, MBJ has seen an influx of traffic as people have realised the potential value of online marketing. For many small businesses affected by COVID-19, the ability to continue with mail order delivery has been what has kept them afloat during this difficult time. As catering companies tailor their usual offering to food delivery and closed gyms begin to offer online fitness training courses, MBJ has been key to ensuring that changes are implemented across the board to help businesses in this uncertain time. MBJ has gone through many changes over its lifetime, adapting to suit the needs and demands of clients. 2017 saw the company establish itself as a leaner and more flexible business, a decision which has turned out to be surprisingly prescient. As such, the firm’s fixed costs are low, with very few overhead costs like many of the company’s competitors. This is thanks to the flexible nature of the firm’s relationships with the agencies and freelancers Jun20380 Best SME WaaS Company of the Year 2020 Since the turn of the century, the importance of a digital home for business has become obvious. Very few companies can hope to reach a wide audience without a website. Going digital can be difficult, but with assistance from teams like MBJ LONDON, it’s possible to leave a mark without breaking the bank. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of its success in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards. they work with. It has had its benefits for many years, namely the ability to pull in the best and most appropriate talent for a specific project, offering excellent service at a low cost. During the crisis, the team have reallocated resources so that longer-term projects can progress, keeping people working and employed. Since COVID-19 has hit, MBJ has been able to consider the services it offers more carefully. The decision was made to introduce a new Website as a Service (WaaS) pricing structure by segmenting WaaS products into WaaS and WaaS Plus. WaaS Plus will look exactly as WaaS does now. It will act as an inclusive web design product that allows clients to get on with day-to-day business while MBJ takes care of their website. WaaS, however, will be reintroduced as a more comprehensive version of a DIY website builder. This product will enable clients who cannot afford WaaS Plus the flexibility and creative input into designing their own websites, but with professional support. This will come in at a lower price point than WaaS Plus, making it a more affordable option for many smaller businesses. Never content to settle, and determined to prove that they have earned the right to design your website, the team are undertaking a renovation project on their own site. The team’s success comes from a determination to raise standards ever higher, and allowing smaller businesses to access these standards. It levels the playing field, while allowing MBJ to reach an impressive number of new clients. For many, they are the gateway to the digital age. Company: MBJ LONDON Limited Name: Julian Baladurage Web Address: