UK Enterprise 2020

209 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 For the last twenty-two years, Contours has been a mainstay of the Tiptree beauty community. Family run since its inception, this Dermalogica salon has gone from strength to strength over the years. It has come to be highly regarded by clients for the team’s ability to provide expert knowledge in the field. Clients come to Contours because they know that they are going to receive service that is informed by exceptional knowledge at a competitive price. What the Contours team don’t know about facial treatment isn’t worth knowing. Unlike many companies, the team are happy to advise clients on how to look after their skin outside of visits, working out a way forward that benefits all. Over the years the salon has faced many challenges, many of which have been unprecedented. Contours managed to weather the 2008 recession, but the impact of COVID-19 has been even more apparent. Giving clients the confidence to come back and ensure their skincare is doing everything it can has not been easy. That said, the team’s expertise comes from its ability to make people feel welcome and at ease within the salon. To provide an outside perspective on their efforts, Contours has performed a Covid-19 Clean Touch Certified Certificate which gives the clients confident that they are safe. The beating heart of the business is the staff who bring it to life, drawing on many years of experience when delivering their services to customers. There is never any need to rush, which means that clients can ask questions at their own pace. The team are trained to the highest standards and have completed Dermalogica training up to Expert level. This gives them the ability to advise clients on their skincare routines and regiments with a great deal of authority. As more and more people want to learn about their skin and how best to look after it, the services that Contours can provide becomes increasingly more useful. This is why finding the right staff, who are able to act kindly to clients while having a thirst for knowledge is key. Many can perform either task, but few can do both. In a sector of the Jul20286 Most Dedicated Skin Care Salon - Essex Not enough people consider how important a role skincare should play in their day to day lives. The team behind Contours Beauty Salon have worked for generations to ensure that their clients receive the finest care and attention. In the light of their success in the UK Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look at what this organisation brings to the search for beauty. beauty industry that changes to suit the latest methods and trends, it’s key that staff are able to keep up. Looking ahead, the Contours team have a simple aim to get through the latest crisis. This is being done with confidence that is counter to the overall narrative. Many are feeling anxious for several reasons and skincare is a way in which clients are able to relax and spend a little time destressing. For many, it is a vital service that plays a key part in their mental health. COVID-19 has brought about the opportunity for the Contours team to have the salon repainted and signage reapplied. Like many during this period, the team have taken advantage of the opportunity to consider how best to present their business. Contours has seen many changes over its lifetime, but throughout each crisis and struggle it has been able to come out of the other side and thrive. No doubt it will continue to achieve this long in the future. Company: Contours Beauty Salon Name: Sharon Metson-Halsey Web Address: