UK Enterprise 2020

213 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Based in the city of Coventry, in the West Midlands, Tann Law Solicitors is a firm of legal experts that specialise in employment, immigration, family, civil litigation, and charity law. What started in a one-roomed small office, the firm has since grown to become spread over two floors in a city centre office building. To find out more about this growth and success, we profile Tann Law Solicitors to unearth its secrets to continual improvement. Best Immigration Law Firm - West Midlands Tann Law Solicitors has been functioning as one of the finest law firms not just in the city of Coventry, but across the West Midlands and further afield in the United Kingdom. Having built up a reputation for success in employment, immigration, family, civil litigation, and charity law, there are few firms that can match the success or excellence that Tann Law Solicitors offers. The firm has experienced growth in the firm since it was started, and has also added more solicitors and caseworkers. In the process of growth, the firm has added more areas of practice, and now also utilises cloud-based software. Digitally speaking, the firm has expanded its online presence through social media marketing and enhanced levels of search engine optimisation. Key areas of the firm’s work include family law, employment law, and civil litigation, but it’s service area that has been recognised in this years’ UK Enterprise Awards scheme from SME News is the immigration law. The immigration law services that Tann Law Solicitors provides covers a great many areas, including assistance with Entry Clearance applications for people wishing to visit, or re-locating to the United Kingdom. On top of these, the firm also offers assistance with Home Office applications, appeals, and judicial review applications. Applications can take many different forms, and so the firm covers applications on behalf of family or spouse visas, asylum seekers, human rights applicants, and points-based applications. Under family law, Tann Law Solicitors handles various matters including divorce, judicial separation, nullity, or civil partnership dissolution proceedings, and all issues surrounding children. All manner of separation agreements are advised upon by the expert legal team. In employment law, Tann Law Solicitors acts for employees and employers alike, as the team is experienced in dealing with the opposite party in ACAS proceedings and is employment tribunals. Over the years, the firm has dealt with cases of unfair dismissal, discrimination, breaches of the Equality Act, damages, whistle blowing, and unfair references to name but a few. Two of the other areas that Tann Law Solicitors has recently specialised in is civil litigation, and corporate and business advice. Firstly, in civil litigation, there is no job too big or too small for the team at Tann Law Solicitors. It might be a simple dispute such as a contractual breach by the local garage, or it might be a deeply complex and complicated case with multiple facets. The team has experience in negotiations, mediation, and conciliation, with two of the lawyers being mediators. All of the lawyers have experience in the small claims, fast track, and multi-track courts, and the firm works with reputable barrister chambers in all of its cases. As a business, Tann Law Solicitors has been met with some challenges, but it has continued to grow and expand despite these. Challenges that the firm has faced include rising costs of operation, continued compliance red tape form the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA), recruitment of new staff, and uncertainty of Brexit. However, chief amongst the challenges that Tann Law Solicitors has faced in recent times is the COVID-19 pandemic. Tann Law Solicitors did continue its Jul20314 operations during the pandemic whilst working from home, but a phased reopening since June 1st has resulted in service returning to pre-lockdown levels. Looking ahead, Tann Law Solicitors is planning for the future by expanding its practice to be the largest virtual firm to be based in Coventry. It is also recruiting new solicitors and caseworkers who are suitably qualified and registered with appropriate regulatory bodies to join the firm, as well as more consultant lawyers. Overall, Tann Law Solicitors is a firm whose specialisations and insights are what drives success for both itself, and for its clients. It is exceptional and excellent, and deserving of every success that it achieves. Company: Tann Law Solicitors Ltd Contact: Andrew Nyamayaro Website: