UK Enterprise 2020

214 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 that involves a mixture of organic growth and acquisition. As it plans and carries out this growth, there can be no denying the exceptionality of the firm’s services. It is as fantastic as it is innovative, and yet draws on traditional methods of legal application when the situation calls for it. This firm embodies the best of the legal industry, and the United Kingdom can be proud to call itself home to such a fine business. Company: Woodfines LLP Contact: Stephen Goddard Website: As a leading player in the region just north of London, Woodfines is a highly respected full-service law firm with offices in Cambridge, Milton Keynes, and Bedford. Applying a forward-thinking approach and providing creative legal solutions to meet the individual needs of its clients are just two of the way in which Woodfines has proven itself to be an exceptional business. We discover more reasons for the firm’s success. Best Full-Service Law Firm of the Year 2020 Jul20516 Woodfines is a full-service, regional law firm that offers experienced and specialist solicitors that are committed to providing clients with pragmatic and cost-effective legal advice and representation. In every project, the firm’s objective is to deliver innovative legal solutions on time and on budget whilst maintaining a client-first philosophy. Although the firm’s origins can be traced all the way back to the 1800s, Woodfines is renowned today for its progressive and forward-thinking approach to providing creative legal solutions. The highly skilled team of staff offer advice across a broad range of disciplines which make the firm a perfect partner for lenders and commercial clients alike. When it comes to specialisations, Woodfines is able to provide sector-specific legal services in those areas where it has a reputation, such as agriculture, recruitment, and the road transport and logistics industries. On top of the specialisations that it offers as a firm, Woodfines is also able to provide sector- specific legal services to many other areas. Serving clients such as lenders, corporates, charities, SMEs, and owner-managed businesses, the firm is proficient in corporate services, commercial agreements, property law, procurement, HR and employment law, commercial litigation, business disputes, regulatory matters, wills, probate, taxes, trusts, divorce and family law, and criminal law. Delivering these outstanding services has allowed Woodfines to experience and enjoy significant growth in recent years, whilst also remaining true to its traditional core values of providing high- quality legal services at good value for money. An area of the business which has had to adapt however, is the technological side of it following the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately for clients, Woodfines has been quick to adapt to the challenges that COVID-19 has presented, and is now able to offer a digital service to clients. With video call conferencing making up for most of the lost face-to-face contact, Woodfines has had to remain at the top of its industry to maintain client satisfaction levels. Yet, measurable results from client feedback surveys indicate that the firm has maintained those levels of service at an exceptionally high level. With offices in Bedford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes, Woodfines is perfectly positioned to reap the opportunities presented by the Oxford to Cambridge arc. Woodfines focuses on providing a quality service that places training and knowledge at its heart. Each fee earner at the firm has their own Personal Development Plan which is set annually and reviewed throughout the year to identify, assess, and monitor the amounts, nature, and levels of training that they need to participate in each year. The firm has also introduced monthly one-to-ones to ensure that work standards are of the highest quality, and staff supervision is critical in what the firm does. Looking to the future, Woodfines has a strategic plan for significant growth over the next few years Neil Gibbs - Managing Partner | Maria Koureas-Jones - Partner | Tim Addinell - Partner