UK Enterprise 2020

218 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 OneMSP are revolutionising the IT service and solutions industry. Pioneers of the ‘as a service’ model, OneMSP offers a monthly subscription that gives access to all of their solutions, from hardware to software, and IT support to full projects. This is the cost and time efficient way to manage IT in any business, and is fast being recognised as an innovative and promising take on IT solution and service provision. We profiled OneMSP to find out more about their innovative ways. Jul20182 Established in 2016, OneMSP recognised that the IT service sector was in need of reinvigoration. Today, they are a recognised and trusted source in IT services and solutions, committed to streamlining the workflow and increasing productivity of their clients, while providing customer service that encapsulates their core values; Excellence, Commitment, Innovation and Reputation. With aspirations to be the first-choice solution partner in the technology sector providing IT and communication services to businesses of all services throughout Birmingham and beyond, OneMSP consists of a team of talented and motivated IT professionals that understand the importance of collaboration. Their aim is to become an integral part of their clients’ success by offering quick and effective IT solutions that are adapted to the needs of the business. OneMSP is unlike any of its competitors. As a small, close-knit group of ambitious, young IT experts, the team is committed to providing an innovative approach on IT service provision, whilst conscientiously delivering exceptional standards of customer service, regardless of the size or shape of the business. While many similar IT service providers charge upfront for project work or consultancy, OneMSP prefers to develop longstanding relationships with clients. Thus, they have developed their innovative ‘as a Service’ model, which allows all of the OneMSP solutions to be consumed through a monthly subscription. Identifying IT support needs, adding software subscriptions, refreshing old IT hardware and building modern technology infrastructure that helps businesses to thrive are all part of the OneMSP service that is available for a simple monthly cost. As a small business themselves, they understand the benefits of a system like this to similar SMEs and collaborate closely with their clients to learn how to develop their technologies to become even more efficient. Recently, these developments have been centred around the increased focus on security. As the move to cloud services for many businesses marks advancements in technology, it is also seeing many systems that are not properly connected or secured, leading to many businesses feeling unsafe or overwhelmed. OneMSP offer specialist Cloud Computing solutions to combat this. The subscription business model has proved beneficial to OneMSP itself in light of the Covid-19 outbreak, as relationships formed with clients are able to withstand the effects of the outbreak that traditional business models have suffered from. Working closely with clients, these relationships have been maintained by adapting to their needs, whether that includes growth or short-term scaling back. The intention is for clients to see OneMSP as an extension of their team and understand that the firm is there to support them during unprecedented times such as these. The flexibility of OneMSP has proved successful, and now the firm are looking to continue growth as the UK economy begins to resettle. Taking use of the opportunities presented by Brexit both within the UK and overseas, OneMSP are making plans to expand in the near future. In the short term, these plans include extending support and monitoring services to a 24-hour operation to further increase their high standards of customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, OneMSP is seeking acquisition opportunities so as to grow the business aggressively over the next three to five years. This small but ambitious firm has got its sights set on success, and we have no doubt that they will sure to be attain it over the years to come. Company: OneMSP Contact: Tom Johnson Web Address: Best IT Services Provider of the Year 2020