UK Enterprise 2020

217 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Trusting someone to look after your child is never easy, and finding a childcare solution that meets everyone’s specific needs is almost impossible. The team behind Northfields Nurseries have gone above and beyond to ensure that your needs come first. With flexibility first and foremost in their minds, it’s little wonder they’ve managed to triumph in the UK Enterprise Awards 2020. We take a closer look to find out more about this intrepid firm. Most Nurturing Childcare Provider 2020 - Kirklees Based in West Yorkshire, in the heart of Kirklees, Northfields Nurseries has made an immense impact on a world that is growing ever more complex by the day. Many offer professional childcare, but few have made it their mission to meet the needs of a community so completely as the team at Northfields Nurseries. With over 20 years’ experience of caring for babies and children and training early years staff, the team behind Northfields Nurseries definitely know their stuff. The children in their care are in the safest hands imaginable, which puts many minds at ease instantly. What sets them apart is their decision to champion fully flexible childcare. Nobody knows exactly what the day will bring, and blanket booking is simply not an option for many. When your youngster is placed in the care of Northfields Nurseries, clients only pay for the hours booked. There gives an incredible amount of freedom to make sure that your child is safe when you need it most. With so many years expertise behind them, it pays to find a team who are as passionate about children as the management is. The team’s philosophy is to ensure children are nurtured, very well cared for and inspired to learn and explore. It’s an approach that applies to the staff as much as it does the kids, and many have committed longer contracts with Northfields Nurseries because they know this is a place they are cared for. To ensure that the little ones are given the utmost care, all practitioners are currently qualified to the highest standards. Because of the locality, the team are heavily involved in the local community. This has allowed the team to develop a deep connection which has benefitted Northfields Nurseries and the area at large. Some companies act above the people in their communities, but the Northfields Nurseries team have dug in – literally. They have been involved in the work of the local allotments and have made visits to our neighbouring care homes. This approach of encouraging a deep connection between people and places is one of the most valuable services that Northfields Nurseries can offer. It shows children areas of their local communities that they might not have known about and demonstrates how they can make a difference to it. These lessons have an enormous impact, and lead to greater things later down the line. The team follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS). This approach has guided the team’s many decisions, encouraging an environment where children play and explore, being active and creative. Instead of being locked up indoors on computers, the children who come to Northfields Nurseries are able to benefit from learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through seven areas of learning and development. Outdoor learning has a tremendously positive effect on any students, and the world of West Yorkshire is some of the most Jul20113 appealing in the country. It has made the ideal classroom for the work that Northfields Nurseries excels at. Combining kids and the community is no easy task, but it embeds an approach that benefits many in years to come. The work that Northfields Nurseries undertakes is incredibly valuable, and sure to have a considerable impact for years to come. Company: Northfields Nurseries Name: Lyndsey Benson Web Address: