UK Enterprise 2020

222 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20523 Best Vehicle History Checking Service 2020 When buying a car, you do not want any nasty surprises when it comes to where the car has been or what issues may be plaguing it. In November 2018 the industry welcomed Car Analytics, a renowned automotive business in the United Kingdom which offers vehicle history checks at the lowest prices around. We discover how the firm has grown to become the go-to choice for automotive enthusiasts keen to ensure their new set of wheels is in exact working order. Car Analytics is the first company of its kind within the automotive industry to offer free vehicle data checks in the market. Essentially, the firm provides vehicle history reports for used cars across the United Kingdom, and the service consists of two different reporting products. The basic report costs £1.99, and the full history report comes in £8.95, which is the lowest price in the United Kingdom for a single full check. Each report provides information which has been extracted from a variety of trusted third-party sources, and customers are also given eight valuations on the vehicle in questions. These valuations range from what they might on a dealer forecourt, right the way through to a trade-in price. As if that weren’t enough, Car Analytics also provides mileage details that are obtained from various sources too, so buyers know how much the car has driven in the years since it was first purchased. However, for all the firm’s excellence, it is currently in the process of revamping its dealer portal, and also changing the plan and pricing structure so as to provide the lowest price for a multi-check. Any auto-dealers working in the United Kingdom will be able to access the enhanced dashboard view at Car Analytics which holds loads of options that simplify their work. This technology enhances the user experience, and also allows them to seamlessly use one platform to manage all of their requirements. Being so committed to success and ongoing development has meant that Car Analytics has been featured in the Auto Express magazine, which described the firm as being amongst the best car check websites in 2020, beating out other, more traditional and longstanding competitors. The core values that underpin Car Analytics have not changed in the two years since it came into being, as the firm still focuses on being completely customer-centric. Services and products alike always prioritise the consumer and put the first, and usually involve a close personal touch as well as a deep understanding of their vehicular needs and requirements. Car Analytics utilises a unique and free data usage policy that facilitates ease for car enthusiasts, which is helpful for the 300,000 monthly visitors and the 1.6 million free car history reports that have been generated for used car buyers to date. Although the pandemic has forced many businesses to reconsider their various services due to the social distancing and lockdown measures put in place, Car Analytics has managed to survive and continue delivering on both performance and service. This can be seen most evidently in the fact that the used vehicle history report service has increased in usage during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that sales have doubled during the Spring and Summer months between April and July. Increases in sales can also be attributed to the outstanding work of the staff in what is a very dynamic culture with people from diverse cultural backgrounds working together. The leadership at the firm focus on nurturing the right talent and ensuring that there is a learning curve for everyone in the team, thus helping them actualise their true potential. Looking to the future, the firm is planning more growth and development, aside from the revamping of the dealer portal and process simplification. It is also planning to provide a more simplified customer service with advanced knowledge- based articles so that the customer will be duly informed of what they receive. This will help support the customers’ trust in the Car Analytics brand, and ultimately enable the firm to become a thought-leader in this automotive space. With long-term plans to expand beyond the United Kingdom, this firm is undoubtedly amongst the best in the vehicular reporting business, and is fully deserving of every success that comes its way. Company: Car Analytics Ltd Contact: David Amal Website: