UK Enterprise 2020

224 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Vocal Star Limited is the UK’s only manufacturer of both professional karaoke players and high-quality karaoke music. Born from a passion for excellence in music, karaoke and audio, Vocal Star was established to fill a gap in the UK market for good quality and affordable karaoke products. As the firm looks to expand beyond the domestic market, we took a closer look at the success behind the brand. Aug20408 In 2004, brothers-in-law Jay Taylor and Matt Coxon manifested their lifelong passion for karaoke and music in importing quality karaoke products from the USA, having noticed a gap in the UK market. This idea continued to develop and grow until 2008, when Vocal Star Limited was born and the range of products increased to include discs, speakers and other sound equipment. Since then, Vocal Star has developed new products, manufacturing everything from the karaoke players to the microphones themselves and working with international partners to offer the very highest standards in karaoke. Unlike any of its UK competitors, the company also produces its own karaoke music, and now has the largest collection of any karaoke producer. Supplying products worldwide to domestic users, pubs, schools, care homes, gyms and many more facilities besides, Vocal Star is committed to providing karaoke equipment and music of the highest standard, but at affordable costs. Being in complete control of the production, marketing and distribution process enables Vocal Star to offer excellence in customer service and develop their products to suit client demands. Research and development are central elements of Vocal Star’s successful growth, as they are able to stay ahead of trends within the karaoke and sound production industry, constantly looking to produce ‘the next big thing’. However, co-founder Jay Taylor states that it is the Vocal Star team that are truly fundamental to the success of the past twelve years. Praised for their commitment, motivation, care and expertise, the team works in collaboration to keep the company moving consistently forward. From product development to customer service, the high standards of operation within Vocal Star are due to the positive and communicative environment cultivated amongst the team. When recruiting new staff, Jay and Matt ensure that the candidate is similarly motivated to success, before welcoming them onboard. Consistent training and rewards ensure the team is always inspired to work hard towards achieving the brand’s principal goal; progress. This has been more crucial than ever in recent years, as the demographic of younger consumers has been slow to pick up on digital karaoke. With the accessibility of streaming sites and services, Vocal Star has had to think innovatively to compete, and they have done so successfully. Alongside the traditional karaoke formats such as disc-based products, Vocal Star is investing in their own digital content and streaming services, so as to stay relevant to the younger population of consumers. The outbreak of Covid-19 had a relatively minimal impact on business activity for Vocal Star, as the decrease in clients within the hospitality sector was evened out by domestic clients seeking entertainment during lockdown. However, problems have arisen in manufacturing and distribution, as fewer flights and ships have slowed down both of these crucial elements of the Vocal Star process. However, with strong leadership and an excellent collaborative effort, Vocal Star has been able to pull through. As the UK adjusts to the ‘new normal’ of life after lockdown, Vocal Star is looking to expand. With good growth across Europe and Australia, the next step for this ambitious company is to replicate this growth across the globe, promoting the reputation as a world leader for quality products and music so the company is able to stock hardware products globally. For a small firm based on the south coast of England, Vocal Star’s aspirations are wonderfully large. Company: Vocal Star Limited Contact: Jay Taylor Web Address: Best Karaoke Systems Retailer 2020