UK Enterprise 2020

234 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 completed in line with their demands, and as effectively as possible. As the organisation has grown, Paradigm Shift has made the conscientious effort to choose their opportunities wisely and learnt how to turn down companies and individuals who present projects the company believes it will not excel at. While this has been challenging at times, it has been essential to maintaining the strong model of handling and shipping medicines that Paradigm Shift is built on. Key changes within the industry is causing Paradigm Shift to consider how they too need to evolve. However, as regulations increase and inspections and audits become more challenging, Paradigm Shift is pleased to see this as an opportunity to help more people. Indeed, uncertainty caused by Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic has been rife across the UK and the pharmaceutical industry. Paradigm Shift however has taken this as an opportunity to adapt to create a business with minimised risk and an online presence, something they are continuing to develop. Being able to offer many services digitally or remotely prior to the lockdown meant that the company only needed to polish up those services, rather than completely change their systems. Paradigm Shift Consulting Ltd is an award-winning accredited consultancy firm that provides training and quality management services to the pharmaceutical industry. With strengths in Good Distribution Practice and Wholesaling activities, Paradigm Shift Consulting are on a mission to ensure patients receive safe and efficacious medicines and to find new and innovative solutions to drive quality, compliance and continual movement. Best Quality Management Consultancy – Midlands Aug20116 Based in Leicester, Paradigm Shift Consulting is an award-winning company certified ISO 9001 that provides training and quality management consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry. With over eighty years of combined pharmaceutical experience, Paradigm Shift is devoted to providing effective Good Distribution Practice (GDP) advice and services to wholesalers, manufacturers and the independent pharmacy sector. The firm specialises in streamlining operations, placing responsible persons, updating quality systems, providing training, auditing and increasing profitability. With the company motto; ‘where common sense is common’ and a goal to deliver maximum customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business and referrals, Paradigm Shift is motivated by themselves and their team to become the leading provider in GDP training and services. Each member of the hand-picked team of consultants and colleagues works together as a collective, collaborating and sharing their unique skillsets and knowledge. For the Paradigm Shift team, this is not just a job, but an opportunity to utilise and grow their skills and personalities. When recruiting new staff and consultants, the range of skills and attributes are carefully assessed, and while these may not immediately be the most obvious, Paradigm Shift knows how to utilise and grow these skills for the sake of the employee and the company. There is a sense of pride amongst those who work at Paradigm Shift, and the importance of learning from one another, whether they be founder or intern, is heavily acknowledged within the company’s internal culture. With a range of skills that extends far beyond the norm of a consultancy company and includes web design, graphic design, video making as well as training, auditing and more, Paradigm Shift is able to offer a lot more to SME clients than other businesses. Being a small and agile business themselves, they are able to understand the needs of these SMEs and will work closely with clients in a friendly manner to ensure the project is In addition, being situated in the UK is ideal for Paradigm Shift who recognises the world leading regulatory framework and quality supply chain. These assets combined with the majority of medicines in the UK already being classes as ‘gold standard’ means that companies are attracted to beginning new ventures in the UK and presenting more opportunities for Paradigm Shift. As Paradigm Shifts steadily continues growth as a result of the opportunities presented by increasing regulation, Brexit and COVID-19, the company is still striving to be the best it can be. They are not concerned about what their competitors are doing because the company is able to rely on their loyal customer base, who recognise that they are always guaranteed excellence from this group of innovators. Contact: Dave Rushton Company: Paradigm Shift Consulting Limited Web Address: