UK Enterprise 2020

233 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Established in 2006, CritchCorp began life as a computer support company that offered installation and support for computers, peripherals, and network equipment to businesses in the local area around Manchester. Over the years, the firm has extended into becoming a full managed services company, offering clients not only computer support, but a wide array of complementary services. We profile the firm to learn more about these services, and why they have helped make the firm the Best SME Computer Support Business – Manchester. Best SME Computer Support Business - Manchester Computing and IT has become an integral part of so many businesses across the United Kingdom, and the wider world in general. What began as businesses simply needing a computer has since extending into having all the bells and whistles that come with a computer, and then into new and emerging forms of innovative technology that can simplify and smooth technical processes. CritchCorp now offers clients not only computer support, but also associated computer services such as broadband internet and leased lines, VoIP services, web hosting, websites, website security, and VPN services. Across the board, the firm specialises in helping business get the IT support and infrastructure they need to establish a web presence and start a business. For businesses looking to establish themselves in the increasingly digital world, CritchCorp can help create low-cost start-up packages that can help a new business get everything they need to set up and get going. Each package includes low-cost tools to help with their search engine optimisation, a key factor in helping getting any business off the ground. From there, CritchCorp can then help them as they grow as they already have a relationship with them and know their business. Customer service is at the heart of everything the firm does, from the investment of time into knowing more about the client, to the exploration of all aspects that may affect a client’s business. In every project and client interaction, CritchCorp also supplies many of the IT requirements that a company needs. This proactive approach helps to keep businesses going and saves them money in the long run. Also, having their phone and internet connections running through CritchCorp gives the firm the ability to run diagnostics that would otherwise be held up by waiting for a third party. As part of its service to clients, CritchCorp also recommends disaster recovery planning to ensure total business continuity in the event of a disaster. Business that fail to prepare or plan properly can suffer dire consequences indeed. Like many other businesses, CritchCorp has been affected during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has had to adjust its services in order to meet these needs. Remote working has become the primary method of support, and the firm can now fix many more problems without ever having to step foot on a client’s site. Antivirus alerts can be monitored, and issues can be resolved before a client even knows they have a problem. The most fitting testament to CritchCorp’s adaptability is the success it has had in getting office-based clients to work from home securely in a swift manner, as well as its own workforce. However, these changes have not prevented CritchCorp from growing and launching new products that will no doubt go on to become incredibly successful. Recently, the firm launched its new product, SimpleVPN. As the name might suggest, this is a simple and easy to use VPN service that is designed to help keep users protected from all sorts of hackers and data miners. Users can use their account on five devices with unlimited usage ability, and using this VPN service helps to maintain privacy and security when using the internet. CritchCorp also managed the early launch of its new hosting servers with Aug20109 cPanel, the industry’s leading control panel. This helps to facilitate walk-in clients, those that come via the online store rather than the managed clients, and it allows people to easily manage their own hosting account or give access to their own developers. Ultimately, in a world that is increasingly digital and where businesses are having to become more technologically-savvy with every passing day, CritchCorp is the perfect crutch for businesses in and around Manchester, and beyond. Small businesses need the support in setting themselves up, and so the success that this firm has experienced thus far is absolutely justified. As new innovations continue to emerge daily, staying ahead with CritchCorp is the best way forward. Company: CritchCorp Computers Contact: Michael Dan Email: Or Support on: 0800 612 1029 Website: