UK Enterprise 2020

28 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Keeping industry going is paramount to business success, and the textiles industry is no exception. Amongst the many names renowned for their work in this field, MKN Engineering Ltd stands heads and shoulders above the rest. For the textiles industry, they’re a godsend. We take a closer look at the impressive firm to see how the team has achieved such enviable success. Best Textiles Mechanical Engineering Company of the Year 2020 Jun20451 The textiles industry is one that depends on its equipment. As businesses look for more efficient ways of working, they turn to companies like MKN Engineering to provide the leading methods of manufacture. The company was founded by Mark Newton of Scunthorpe. He served as an apprentice at British Steel, where he was able to discover all about the manufacturing process. His time at British Steel was very useful, imbuing him with the necessary knowledge to start his own business in the trade. Ten years ago, MKN Engineering was born. Just two years after the 2008 recession, it was a gamble that has continued to pay off. MKN Engineering has been a major player in the industry for a long time now, specialising in the fibre filling machines for cushions and upholstery as well as providing businesses with feather filling and blowing machinery, again for use in upholstery and cushions. The team have been able to provide machinery that has been used by clients such as Steinhoff, who own Harvey’s stores as well as smaller, independent companies. The firm is based in Keighley, in West Yorkshire. It has proven to be an ideal base from which the team can work, with every corner of the country within easy access. Its central location within the UK gives the team a unique opportunity. MKN Engineering doesn’t just serve those in the UK, with their exceptional machinery supplied to places across the world. Companies in Holland, Finland and America have imported MKN Engineering products because of its notoriously high quality. One of the mainstay products of the MKN range is the Coverfill fibre system, designed to convert fibre by opening and blowing into a pre-made case or cover. The unit is suitable for the filling of cushions, pillows and upholstery. The equipment is free standing and simple to operate. Like all products produced by MKN Engineering, it has been designed with simplicity and practicality in mind. Coverfill Systems are delivered fully assembled and pre-wired requiring only a 3 phase mains connection, clear site and even floor. As if that wasn’t enough, no bolting down is required so production can begin almost instantly. The success of MKN Engineering comes down to the way in which it has fostered good relationships with customers. They turn to the business as their first choice because of the superlative work that they manage to deliver. If a job is outside of the scope of the company, there are few businesses finer ready to assist. Having spent many years specialising in the field of textiles, MKN Engineering are the ideal choice when assistance is needed. Of course, working in the mechanical engineering sector allows MKN Engineering to operate in many different areas. The team are able to offer businesses across the country, and indeed around the world, any sort of engineering solutions. This means that when not providing top quality ways of working for the textiles industry, MKN Engineering is able to be gainfully employed by offering specialist services such as fabrication, welding and machining. This formidable flexibility is one of the factors which has allowed the team to achieve such incredible success. With such an extraordinary range of abilities, it’s easy to see why MKN Engineering treats every job as its own individual project. This means that they always try to be fair when working out the costs for jobs and machinery, while remaining as competitive as possible. Afterall, what a client gets from MKN Engineering is a superb product that always delivers what is required. The team try at all times to be reliable, honest, dependable, consistent, and efficient in their work, and this approach has ensured that they are always busy. One of the main challenges currently facing MKN Engineering is the need to find good skilled workers. The manufacture of machinery is one which requires a great skill of experience and finding people who have that depth of knowledge is not always easy. One of the main benefits of working in the UK has been that the team can access training opportunities that ensure the highest standards can be maintained. The national system for employing apprenticeships also plays a major part in ensuring that MKN Engineering has been able to flourish. The team has always been small, made up of four talented colleagues. The working environment is naturally very friendly, with close ties ensuring that jobs can be completed swiftly and effectively. As a small firm, the need to be dependable and courteous is paramount. Each customer must receive individual care and attention. This is why recruitment and training are such important features of MKN Engineering. Finding good, skilled workers who can do the job to a high standard is vital to ensuring that the team’s reputation remains one of the best in the industry.