UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 33 With expertise in serving the air freight industry since 1997, the firm has evolved to create quick turnaround times on air freight from the airline shed to clients. Best Air Freight Collections Transport Business - London costs to potential clients. The firm is also seeing the leaders in the industry using key contracts as potential revenue generators, and then targeting other clients to add cream on top of the crop where pricing is becoming a factor. With increasing resource costs, larger clients are now dipping into low end markets where previously small businesses could actively compete on a fair playing field. This has resulted in bigger hauliers offering more to low end clients with infrastructure already in place currently being used to serve their high end customers. In short, they are creating prices which are not viable, but use this to console air shipments or loads to share costs and justify the low and unviable costs previously that clients were happy to pay. Being based in the United Kingdom has a great amount of benefits for Sophia Cargo in its pursuit of excellent service. The United Kingdom is a main hub for export and imports, as well as being a place of high demand for produce which cannot be grown or manufactured domestically. Therefore, the country experiences a very high demand for fresh produce that has to be brought in via air freighting. With the United Kingdom being multicultural and the demand for all manner of products, Sophia Cargo is able to address that demand. By being located at Heathrow, the firm has access to all the major London airports, as well as chartered inbound flights. Internally, the firm operates just as exceptionally as it does when interacting with clients. Every member of staff is made to feel an integral part of the family unit that Sophia Cargo has built up over the course of twenty one years. However, building that team further is in the plans for the future. As such, Sophia Cargo looks for individuals that operate as team players, and are willing to put the business first ahead of their own personal aspirations. The firm eliminates the need for candidates to prove themselves as individuals, as everyone works in a manner that is collaborative and collective. By functioning as a team and generating successful results, the whole team are rewarded as a whole and not individually. Sophia Cargo has created a working atmosphere that is fun and family-oriented, and this ensures successful results for the business. That is why the staff will always strive to do what is best for the business and not as individuals. Looking to the future, Sophia Cargo has plans for a bright one indeed. At present, the firm is looking to launch a marketing strategy that will inform and educate existing and potential clients about the service that Sophia Cargo is ready to offer. Whilst this is going on, the firm is also planning to launch its services into markets such as Canada and Qatar, places from which many imports and exports happen. Ultimately, Sophia Cargo is ready to take its already- outstanding services to the next level in pursuit of excellence. British though this business may be, it has aspirations to go well beyond and serve the people of the world with the same commitment and diligence. Company: Sophia Cargo Ltd Contact: Karen Mavsar Website: /