UK Enterprise 2020

40 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Getting on to the property ladder can be a difficult step for many people to take for the first time with so many things to consider. There is the financial side to it, the legal aspect to it, and of course, the decorating. However, the crucial elements happen well before that point and having a firm like TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings on your side can make all the difference. We find out why the firm is such an exceptional example of a client-focused property sales and lettings agency, and why it has been so successful. Most Client-Focused Property Sales & Lettings Agency - Buckinghamshire Jul20115 Founded in 2003, TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings has become a specialist in residential lettings and portfolio sales in Milton Keynes, and the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire. With areas including Flitwick, Bedford, Towcester, Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard, and Northampton. In the seventeen years since the firm was first established, it has been expertly looking after landlords, tenants, sellers, and purchasers from all different walks of life in terms of age, race, gender, or any other factor. Crucially, during the years since 2003, TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings has built up its reputation around the idea and practice of helping the most important person in its business – the client. The client is always the focal point of the service that the firm provides, which is always friendly, knowledgeable, personal, honest, and trustworthy to the fullest extent. What differentiates TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings from its competitors and marks it out as the best possible option for its clients is its determination to give them the best possible service, and nothing less. Everyone who works at TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings is communicative and collaborative, culminating in a very well-disciplined team that delivers on the promises that are made to clients on a daily basis. This level of discipline may have had something to do with Mr Simon Willson serving the Royal Navy for a time back in the 1980s. Having diligently and dutifully served his country, Mr Willson returned to the United Kingdom before setting up shop with TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings in 2003. Back then, the firm was already determined to give landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers a high level of service which revolved around them, and addressed their needs, their issues, their goals, and their achievements. Fast forward seventeen years to the present day, and the value of determination that underpins the service delivered by TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings is still there. Honesty, kindness, professionalism, respect, and taking responsibility are all still key elements of the business, and these attributes have enabled the firm to grow based mainly on the outstanding reputation that precedes it. As with many other industries and markets throughout the United Kingdom at the moment, there are a number of trends that have revealed themselves during the past seventeen years, and more recently with the impact of COVID-19 still being felt in many places. On the 13th of May this year, letting and estate agents alike were given the go-ahead to return to work as part of the Government’s strategy to ease the country out of lockdown gradually. TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings is currently experiencing extremely high levels of activity, which was certainly needed following the months prior. However, whilst this is good news, that does not mean that it is business as usual in the property market. In terms of what has stayed the same for the team at TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings, it is as committed as ever to delivering the very best service and being open, professional and transparent in every piece of work that is done. Other things, on the other hand, have really changed quite dramatically for the team. COVID-19 has forced the firm to review all of its processes so that it can get back to doing what it does best in the face of the virus staying around for longer than anticipated. Things such as personal protective equipment and social distancing, concepts that were previously unfamiliar to the firm before the start of 2020, have now become absolutely integral and crucial to what TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings does in today’s world. Of course, the firm’s staff take their trusty hand sanitiser with them everywhere they go these days. One of the most outstanding aspects to the work that TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings does is helping the community. Throughout the lockdown period, the firm has been selflessly serving, supporting, and encouraging the NHS Volunteer Responders by being on standby to collect shopping and delivering prescriptions for vulnerable residents in local areas across the entirety of Buckinghamshire. Not only was this service offered to the NHS Volunteer Responder, but also offered to all tenants and landlords who live locally in and around Buckinghamshire. Using social media sites to find people in the area, TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings was able to quash tenants’ fears with guidelines to their financial obligations and be available to help when their own agents were not overly forthcoming with helpful information and rules. Before it became trendy to support the NHS and the Clap For Carers movement began to sweep the nation, TOTAL Property Sales & Lettings announced that it also felt passionately about