UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 53 Best Gas & Heating Engineer - Essex and charity events to raise money for local causes which in turn promotes further local businesses. Despite only opening in 2019, Ricky has seen an extraordinary amount of change within the industry, some of which has been driven by government requirements and some of which has been brought about by outside circumstances such as COVID-19. Recently, the government announced that they are allowing grant applications for home improvements of up to £5000 and this covers the cost of replacing an old boiler for a new one. This has generated a great deal of demand for the work that Ricky does, and has kept him and his team very busy indeed. For many, COVID-19 saw work stop entirely, but Ricky and the Advanced Heating Group team have had to find ways to keep working. This has involved a total overhaul of internal processes to ensure the safety not only of customers, but of engineers too. Despite the obvious difficulties of working in a pandemic scenario, everyone has adapted very well to the situation and the company has been able to operate throughout. Achieving success is no easy job in business, but Ricky and his team have done so through putting people first. They prioritise the building of strong relationships that people want to come back to. It brings the real strengths of the firm, its small size and local nature, right to the forefront of the operation. Company: Advanced Heating Group Name: Ricky Stubbs Web Address: