UK Enterprise 2020

67 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 If you blend together a goal to equip SMEs and small business with the right tools to get the best return, with a personalised service that tailors to meet the requirements and exceed expectations, you get Marketing Mixology. Founded by marketing extraordinaire Jules Brim, Marketing Mixology is the perfect place to go to if you are seeking innovative strategies for your business. We profiled the business to discover how Jules has crafted success throughout the years. Best SME Marketing Service 2020 - East England & Customer Service Excellence Award - Cambridgeshire Primarily working with small business and SMEs, Marketing Mixology helps to guide them through the confusing cocktail that creates marketing. There are a number of ingredients and combinations that make up the marketing cocktail, and Jules helps her clients to find the right ingredients to help their business. She is an expert at helping them to understand and connect their potential clients, as well as helping them to grow their brand and increase the revenue that they can bring in. Each business has a unique story, a unique flavour, and Jules loves being able to draw that flavour out and present it to the world. By bringing together the two key ingredients in marketing which go hand in hand, strategy and creativity, Jules will then work tirelessly with her clients to find the perfect balance between the two. Marketing Mixology is built on the core values that Jules created which have helped to shape the business into what it is today. Ultimately, Jules wants to make marketing simple. Much like creating the perfect cocktail, marketing can be very overwhelming as there is a lot of advice out there and a lot of people who say different things. Jules keeps things simple for her clients and takes them back to basics by focusing on the ingredients of marketing that will truly help them with what they want to achieve. By working closely with her clients, Jules gets to know their business and what its needs are. This insider knowledge enables her to create a bespoke marketing campaign, one that is a perfect fit for the client. The strategy side of marketing may not seem the most exciting part of the cocktail, however Jules is able to make this clear to the client which makes it seem a lot simpler. She excels at making marketing sound easy, making it more about common sense and revenue. Throughout her career, Jules has worked with a variety of clients across many different business sectors across the UK, with a significant portion being small businesses. She really enjoys getting to know each brand individually, it’s history and the story that makes it unique. There is true enjoyment in meeting people as passionate as she is and helping to create a cocktail that is unique to them. The ease of which technology is readily available now means that she is able to meet with her clients virtually and still be able to provide the level of service which she prides herself on. The marketing world is one that is ever changing, and Jules has to keep up with the new flavours that become popular. She always takes the time to train herself and stay up to date with the latest trends, so she can continue to help her clients make long lasting and relevant campaigns. In her time in marketing, Jules has established a network of marketing and branding contacts and she sees them as friends rather than foes. If she doesn’t have the right ingredients for your marketing cocktail, then she’ll be able to put you in contact with someone who does. Finally, everything she does is done with positivity. She wants to create campaigns that have a positive impact on both businesses and communities. As for what the future holds, Jules has launched a training programme for small business owners called Small Biz Basics. The programme is affordable and helps small businesses find success with their online marketing campaigns. The course will be delivered virtually, with private social media groups and Q&As available so she can directly Jun20265 answer individual questions. Enrolment for Small Biz Basics is now open, with the first session taking place in September. Full details can be found here: www.marketingmixologyservices. com/small-biz-basics In many ways, marketing is like a cocktail. From the outside, it can appear daunting with all the combinations and flavours available, but once you get down to it, it truly can be simple. Jules uses Marketing Mixology to show this to her clients, that with the right ingredients marketing can be a tool that everyone can take advantage of. Her positivity and attitude towards both marketing and her clients are key factors that led her to be deservingly named as Best SME Marketing Service 2020 - East England and Customer Service Excellence Award – Cambridgeshire. Contact: Jules Brim Company: Marketing Mixology Website: