UK Enterprise 2020

68 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Eclipse Sports Promotions provides businesses with the opportunity to entertain, team build and network with their own clients or staff in a unique sporting environment. For almost two decades, the firm have specialised in working with, and incorporating, “Sporting Legends” into their “Sporting Experience” events. We profiled Eclipse Sports to find out more about their award-winning service. Best Sporting Events & Team Building Company 2020 Jun20225 For the last 16 years, Steve Surridge and the team at Eclipse Sports have been making dreams come true. Eclipse Sports offer a truly bespoke sporting experience, one where their clients can meet their heroes in unique settings. These heroes are sporting legends who are Olympians, ex-footballers, cricketers and jockeys to name but a few. Today, Eclipse Sports serve clients in the corporate market, and Steve is able to put together a one of a kind participation and dining events for people who work in a variety of different business sectors all over the country. In the first half of this year, the world changed beyond recognition and all businesses needed to adapt in order to stay in operation. To combat this, Steve made the decision to create smaller bespoke events, with a much greater emphasis on creating a closer relationship between the sporting legend and client. With people currently very wary about engaging with people in public, Eclipse Sports is having to innovate and find new ways to create an atmosphere that continues to attract new clients. As companies go back to work, they may want a find a way to boost morale and give their staff an opportunity to zone out of the world around them for a day, and Eclipse Sports provides a fantastic opportunity to do this. However, there is also a flip side to this. Some businesses are trying to cut down on expenditure, and corporate events are usually the first things to be cut. Steve hopes that 2021 is going to be a big year for Eclipse Sports as many sporting events that were meant to happen this year have been pushed back. The firm hopes to take advantage of the European Championships and the Olympics in particular, providing the opportunity to develop the experiences on offer to cater directly for these milestone events. Steve is also hoping to promote disabled sports by employing disabled sportsmen and women at their events. Eclipse Sports want to be able to grow in a controlled manner, and eventually establish themselves as the go-to brand for providing unique sporting experiences. 2020 marks the 16th year Eclipse Sports has been in operation. For Steve, he believes it is important to consolidate where he is and re-evaluate given the current economic situation. As the firm plan ahead, the team aim to have a clear strategic plan of what is required to do to maintain this level of success they are currently at. They hope to have this clear vision, whilst continuing to establish ‘Eclipse Sports Promotions’ as the go to respected brand capable of achieving their clients goals in the sporting experience arena. Company: Eclipse Sports Promotions Name: Steve Surridge, Business Owner Twitter: Instagram: eclipsesportspromotions LinkedIn: Web Address: