UK Enterprise 2020

86 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Best Domestic Repair Specialist - Hertfordshire Based in Hertfordshire, BA Repairs is an award-winning domestic appliance repair service, serving a vast range of clients from homeowners to landlords and even estate agents. Recently, we profiled the firm to find out how they established a reputation as being on the best domestic repair specialist in Hertfordshire. Jul20043 Since inception, BA Repairs have been servicing a diverse range of appliances, which include washing machines, washer dryers, dishwashers, tumble dryers, electric oven and fridge freezers. The firm’s owner, Barry Jacob runs the business on several core values which are honesty and trust, professional quality, offering a reliable service and customer service. Today, one of the most unique qualities about BA Repairs is that they offer same or next day service, depending on the needs of the clients. There are cases in which customers have been waiting a week, or longer, for the same service from the firm’s competitors. Whilst it is not always easy to deliver this rapid response, especially when servicing areas of London, BA Repairs can easily maintain this quick turnaround when working in Hertfordshire. In addition to response time, another trend that Barry has noticed in the industry is an individual being sold a new appliance, but then being let down years later when there is an issue either by the length of the service waiting times or by the poor standard of repairs. This leads to them buying a new appliance or having to look for a local engineer to conduct the repair. Ultimately, both of these solutions lead to the same thing; a waste of money. For Barry, he believes that clients should not be pressured into getting insurance as most appliances on average breakdown only two or three times in the first five years on average. In the industry today, there is considerable number of large companies which have engineers working on too many jobs in single day which, for the most part, unfortunately compromised the quality of the work. However that is not the case for BA Repairs as Barry ensures that there is strong and positive internal culture at the company so that their engineers do not burn out. As a result of this approach, the call back rate for engineers at BA Repairs to fix issues is considerably smaller than that of a larger company. Looking ahead to what the future holds, one of the main goals for BA Repairs is to expand into other surrounding areas, without the 48 hour callout service. From the firm’s early days, Barry has always wanted to employ young apprentices to provide them with both the teaching and the tools required to be a good domestic appliance engineer. During this time of uncertain employment, in particular amongst young people, now is as good of a time as any to expand his team in this way. Although providing the training necessary could be a potential challenge, however with the use of modern technology, plus the use of small on site groupings, there are definitely ways to combat the issue. Ultimately, the BA Repairs team will not let anything get in their way of providing their award-winning service and further expanding the business in the years to come. Contact: Barry Jacob Company: BA Repairs Web Address: