UK Enterprise 2020

87 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Established in 2016, Storyteller was founded by Olivia Parker following her redundancy from her previous job. Today, Olivia users a variety of marketing techniques to help tell her clients’ stories including social media, copywriting, advertising and public relations. Storyteller is built on three core principles that Olivia is keen to adhere to, to ensure that she is able to provide her clients with a service which not only meets their requirements, but also exceed their expectations. One of the core values of Olivia’s brand is flexibility; she does not tie her clients down to contracts. Instead, they work with her as much or as little as they need to. Another core value that Storyteller has is its imagination. Olivia is an enthusiastic person and always strives to leave her clients satisfied with the service. The third core principle is honesty and transparency. Olivia needs to be honest with her clients about their brand and the need to move forward with their marketing requirements. The combination of these three principles form the foundation on which Storyteller Marketing was built. When a brand markets itself, it is telling a story; one which they will share to gain loyal and engaged customers. Being able to tell this story is the premise of Olivia’s business. The unique selling point for Storyteller is the ability to connect their clients to their own stories and engage new customers. Olivia is an optimistic and hard working person and so she works tirelessly to give brands the boost they need to succeed. During the early stages of starting Storyteller, one of the biggest challenges she faced was that she was unsure how to pitch her service to potential clients, and she was also uncertain what her rates should be. Olivia had all the necessary qualifications required to succeed, but did not want to price out small businesses who needed her help. She Jun20289 Most Innovative Brand Communications Agency - Yorkshire Storyteller Marketing is a small, boutique marketing agency which was created after founder, Olivia Parker discovered a need for a flexible marketing function for small and medium sized businesses in Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. Recently, we profiled the Storyteller to discover more about the extraordinary service that Olivia consistently delivers. found her pitch and has gone down the route which fits in with the core principles that she outlines for her brand. Olivia had a lot of support when she was setting up Storyteller Marketing. She was a part of the Enterprise Allowance Scheme, which is a government scheme designed to help people start up their own business. In addition to receiving this allowance, she also had a mentor who helped her develop her business plan and provided ongoing support. This was absolutely vital in both the formation and the success of the company in its early stages. At the moment, Olivia is the sole trader of the business, however she does occasionally work with some freelancers, which she has handpicked for the quality of their work and the values that closely reflect hers. Prior to the lockdown, she had been hoping to move into an office space but decided to stay put to try and reduce some of her overheads. Since the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, Olivia has seen Storyteller grow once more. However some businesses, especially small businesses, are nervous to commit to spending any money that could otherwise be saved. This actually fits Olivia’s business model, where there are not contracts in place and businesses can only engage with her as much or as little as they require. In the future, Olivia hopes to transform her company into a boutique agency, with a small office space in Harrogate, and also to hire three or four members of staff. Ultimately, she will continue in the same vein to build the business up to that point. Time and time again, Olivia has proven herself to be resilient in the face of adversity, all the while doing it with optimism. Brand building is truly a strength of hers and proof of this is in the company she has built from the ground up. As such, it is no secret that Storyteller Marketing is fully deserving of being named Most Innovative Brand Communications Agency – Yorkshire. Contact: Olivia Parker Company: Storyteller Marketing Web Address: