UK Enterprise Awards 2021

143 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Care Sector eLearning Company of the Year 2021 Endorsed by Skills for Care (the leading organisation in England responsible for ensuring that the adult social care workforce consists of appropriately trained professionals), JET Training aims to deliver high-quality training that meets all CQC requirements. To introduce us to the company, John offers more insight into the specialist topics that the firm cover. “Whilst offering a broad range of management programmes that provide a bespoke learning experience, the firm aim to educate people on learning disabilities, mental health and medication. Since launching, our goal has been to make the work in the care sector more user friendly and help bring guidance to organisations and individuals across a variety of work settings”. All of the programmes provided by JET Training are based on John’s care support unit in Taunton (Meadow Court). Naturally then, as he goes on to explain, the relationship between the two has been instrumental. “In addition to normal care services, Meadow Court offers help with money management, maintaining a tenancy, and building links between friends and the local community”. Despite receiving the accolade of ‘Care Sector eLearning Company of the Year 2021’, the firm is always looking to make improvements wherever possible, as John points out. “The company often embraces opportunities to find innovative methods to improve the quality of its services. Moreover, to support our own learning we create partnerships within the healthcare industry and wider business community”. Throughout his career, John has received numerous titles for his contributions to the care sector which he is very proud to share with us. “Previously I have written the original works to ‘Croner Records and Procedures’ which was the manual of choice for care homes in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Alongside the books, I have successfully published, I have also written 18 ‘Spid the Spider’ books ( for children. On the website itself, readers can find songs for the books, a Facebook page, even Twitter and Instagram accounts. In addition to this, there is also a free download of the eBook, ‘Spid the Spider is Battling a Pandemic Virus’ and an audio book to go with it”. Finally, John offers us his thoughts on the firm’s latest success with SME News. “To have been recognised for our management programmes and our contribution towards raising the overall quality of care feels extremely rewarding”. Company: John Eaton Training Contact: John Eaton Email: Web: Phone: 01823 270845 Apr21438 JET Training is a unique care training site set up to provide free help, support, answers and guidance to managers of care homes, as well as candidates undertaking the Care Certificate and diploma qualifications. In light of their recent success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Founder John Eaton to find out more.