UK Enterprise Awards 2021

144 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21444 Best Online Garden Equipment Retailer 2021 There’s no doubt that online shopping saw a huge uptick during the Covid-19 pandemic. We speak to Director Debbie Dey of Ram Online, a home and garden retailer who saw the opportunity for growth and took the ‘ram’ by the horns! Ram Online Limited is a home and outdoor retailer offering products at affordable prices for store collection, as well as online. With hundreds of products, ranging from interior items for the home, garden equipment and furniture, to toys and seasonal items, Ram Online’s core value is to provide low pricing, with free delivery, to all. “Our free delivery offering is 24-hour and 48- hour for all our customers,” Director Debbie Dey explains about the company’s unique selling points which help to set it aside from competitors. Not only this, but Ram Online has a 24/7 round- the-clock customer service team and stocks exclusive branded items which are often not available on the high street, such as Paw Patrol and LOL Surprise merchandise, to name but a few. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has seen a huge increase in online shopping as lockdowns meant that people were unable to visit shops as usual. Debbie has also noticed trends which have involved a larger reach than normal over the last 12 months. “We have embraced a bigger market internationally and grown into Europe, the USA and Dubai, to which we offer free delivery,” she says. “We have also expanded our lines to include more affordable products during the pandemic for kids, adults and, in particular, the elderly.” The staff base at Ram Online are all usually recruited as young interns and younger people who are eager to learn and can start from the ground and work their way up. “Our staff range from 18 to 30-year-olds and we employ people who can learn with us and grow, making them employable with the experience they have gained once they have chosen their specified field.” Regarding the future, Debbie is keen to continue to grow the company and has plans to increase the warehouse space, which has recently moved into Apex Park in Leighton Buzzard. She also wishes to continue to increase all product lines in toys, garden and home products in order tomeet consumer demand. “Over the next five years we aim to be trading all our lines to USA and Europe, Turkey and expanding through our website.” With big plans ahead and recent success at the UK Enterprise Awards 2021 behind it, it is clear that the future is bright for the team at Ram Online. Contact: Debbie Dey Company: Ram Online Limited Web Address: