UK Enterprise Awards 2021

171 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Most Trusted Surveillance Products Distributor 2021 Ertech Ltd is a leader in IP video surveillance, IP security systems and solutions. The firm offers a wide range of products such as CCTV alarms, access control and POE Switches to clients that include installers, system integrators, project managers and architects. Having been in the surveillance industry for more than 10 years, and at the forefront of the changing face of technology, Ertech’s experience has enabled it to not only become a market leader but also to earn a positive reputation within the industry. “We were among a very select few distributors supplying IP cameras to the European markets back in 2010,” explains Founder and Chief Executive Officer Eric Harrison. “Since then, many companies have come and gone but we remain strong and growing each day.” Eric tells us more about the company and what it is that sets it aside from competitors. “It’s our extensive knowledge of technology,” he begins. “As well as our stock levels, the launch of new products and technologies, and good old fashioned tech support with excellent delivery times.” “Being based in London is also of huge benefit to us and we serve a large area, including the main surrounding cities and suburbs.” The internal culture at Ertech is very simple and revolves around healthy minds equalling healthy sales. “Our staff’s mental health is our top priority,” Eric elaborates. “We endeavour to provide a cool, easy going and, most importantly, comical working environment where we encourage laughter. Laughter is the most important element of happiness and happiness at work turns into more happy sales and more happy customers.” As the UK is moving more and more into SMART IP technology for security, AI Cameras and alarms are having a big impact in the future of the industry. “Facial recognition has advanced and, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we noticed our industry adapted quickly by producing thermal imaging cameras that scanned people’s temperatures when entering vital infrastructure sites,” explains Eric. These types of camera work by detecting a body’s temperature and warn the user and back office of abnormal human body temperatures. “As such, our industry provided a number of different Covid-19 solutions for the world, such as social distance enforcement, crowd control and traffic light systems for people in shops, supermarkets and shopping centres.” Regarding the future, Eric and the team at Ertech foresee further growth as the pandemic subsides and a new normal ensues. “We could have not achieved and sustained the current success we have experienced if it wasn’t for our customers. We look to take a bigger slice of the industry by continuing to lead in technology and quality of service.” Contact: Eric Harrison Company: Ertech Ltd Web Address: Apr21586 With a premium range of products and a reputation for excellent customer service, it’s clear to see what makes Ertech Ltd stand head and shoulders above the rest. We find out more about the company from CEO, Eric Harrison.