UK Enterprise Awards 2021

172 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21704 Best Global Lead Generation & Marketing Agency 2021 As the founder of NXT Generation, Johnathan Pach is the living embodiment of the brand. He is creative, colourful, and energetic, and describes himself as an “innovative, tenacious, and entrepreneurial individual!” We speak to him and find out more about the agency and what it has to offer. NXT Generation is a media and marketing agency based in London and Los Angeles. With over 40 years of experience in the world of media and marketing, NXT Generation prides itself on supplying clients with the most innovative marketing solutions. The company specialises in lead generation and is renowned for offering highly-targeted campaigns that are guaranteed to result in qualified leads. NXT Generation campaigns are wide-ranging and can include email marketing services, voice qualified lead generation, email marketing, TV advertising and PPC lead generation campaigns. On top of this, campaigns focus on creating tailored content for integrated platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. More generally, the company is a leading figure within the field of content marketing, continually helping companies to maximise profits whilst simultaneously boosting their global profile across multiple platforms. “When it comes to lead generation, we offer highly-targeted campaigns that are guaranteed to result in qualified leads,” explains Founder, Johnathan Pach. “Our end goal is to be known all around the world for our services. We want to be known as a creative ad agency with fresh ideas, the best marketing designers, and expertise across video marketing, content creation, social media optimisation, website design, and lead generation.” As a marketing firm, NXT Generation sets itself apart from other businesses because it offers the full package and is selective about who it works with. “We pay close attention to the needs of every client,” James continues. “Of course, we specialise in lead generation, but we also want to our overall marketing approach to be engaging and stylish. For this reason, we like to focus on generating buyers for our clients through social media optimisation, high-quality landing pages, and PR management marketing. We also stand out because we have exclusive media partnerships, which are only on offer to our clients!” NXT Generation is all about learning with the team constantly improving its knowledge of the industry via research, discussions, and events. This emphasis on learning, in James’ opinion, is what enables the agency to remain at the forefront of emerging trends. “Without a focus on learning, it is easy to get left behind, which is why we ensure that our staff are always researching. It is important for us to stay ahead of any developments, because we do consider ourselves to be an innovative company.” For this reason, NXT Generation is continually pushing and striving to be as creative as possible, so that it can set the pace within the market. One example of this has been its approach to content creation. By utilising the latest AI and VR technology, NXT Generation has created marketing strategies unlike any other. Backed by a dedicated and specialist team of critical thinkers, innovative analysts, and expert designers, James challenges the norm to generate investment leads, B2B leads and much more for the companies he works with. “Our culture is creativity at its highest level, innovation with new marketing techniques to attract a wider audience, marketing our client’s products and services in a new, fun, dynamic different way – away from the norm,” he enthuses. “Being there 100% when our clients need it, going above and beyond to offer the best professional service.” Success in the business world is often determined by the quality of one’s marketing strategies. For many businesses, a lack of success is the result of weak lead generation methods that lead to poor communication, company awareness, and conversion. “Our array of services and professionals means that we can help you on your journey to success. We understand your problems. We innovate to solve them. We deliver valuable results. I have seen competitors within our industry take the budget and run and produce a campaign that hasn’t worked. We wanted to be there for our clients every step of the way, to utilize our skills to help grow our companies, boost their awareness, and boost their sales, so that they work with us for many more years to come.” Contact: Johnathan Pach Company: NXT Generation Web Address: