UK Enterprise Awards 2021

236 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Cost Reduction & Business Process Re-Engineering Consultancy 2020 & Best Cost Management Consultancy 2021 Over 80% of companies don’t review their contracts and costs on a regular basis. OBM’s unique “No Savings – No Fee” approach gives companies a risk-free audit of what they are paying and using. Oxford Business Management is a Cost Management Consultancy company. It was born in 2008 when the founder, Brendan Cull, applied his accumulated experience of working in senior roles across the board of sectors such as manufacturing and logistics to develop the idea. The initial concept developed into the creation of a methodology that would allow Oxford Business Management to offer aid to every type of business, across a wide range of sectors and markets – from corporate entities to schools and charities. It is dedicated to helping them save and manage their money, building a team that does everything from reviewing client’s overheads and renegotiating contracts to identifying ways to reduce inefficiencies. In this way, it allows its clients the stability to move forward with confidence into their company’s future. It cares for its clients and pupils to help their team achieve their objectives behind the scenes. At present it has a wide variety of skills and talents both in its team and client roster, looking beyond core cost and saving client’s money in every aspect of their enterprise, even aspects that the client may never have considered were losing them money. Its clients vary from international titans to local enterprises, and it has kept to its core value over the course of its operations – assuring value for money for its clients. It views itself as the ‘Procurement Department down the corridor’: and many of its clients view it similarly, as it in effect becomes their outsourced dedicated division for cost management. Additionally, it works on a ‘no savings – no fee’ basis, wherein if the client sees no savings or disagrees with the savings recommendations made, the client is not charged. OBM’s team of consultants are all people with financial backgrounds and impressive levels of operational experience and training, allowing Brendan and his staff to bring real world implications to the table during financial discussions. Setting it apart from its competition is its refusal to take commission from suppliers. It also doesn’t limit itself; it works in over 50 areas to provide a fully comprehensive audit of a client’s business instead of just focusing on utilities or telecoms. It also differentiates itself in its three- pronged approach: price – is the customer paying too much, usage – are the assets being used too much or incorrectly, and process – could the procedure for use of these assets be better. With this methodology, it creates a straightforward and transparent process so that the client can be sure of what it is doing at every stage. These steps include data gathering, research, and the final presentation of the case. From there, further negotiation occurs, the contract is managed, and then OBM oversees the implementation of the changes. During its lifetime, it has encountered many clients that come to it with some trepidation. The fear seems to be that there is some sort of catch, or that OBM’s services are too good to be true – but this is not the case. OBM reassures its clients with its glowing testimonials and excellent results, maintaining a view that ‘today was good, tomorrow will be better’. It wishes to help its client adapt to the market by improving on what is already there rather than focusing on their errors. OBM also understands that its operation must adapt to understand the diverse culture of the clients it works for. European companies tend to rely more on business relationships, even at a cost, which can sometimes lead to poor management. In the UK specifically, it encounters attitudes of companies being ‘set in their ways’, and thus must rise to meet this challenge in helping a client to see the issues from the perspective of the audit. It also prides itself on having a diverse culture internally, with people from South Africa, Latvia, Poland, and the UK represented. A further aspect of its internal culture is its dedication to securing a win/win dialogue with the client that will result in a mutually beneficially partnership. Company: Oxford Business Management Ltd Contact: Brendan Cull Website: Sep20960 Oxford Business Management Ltd