UK Enterprise Awards 2021

246 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best New Technology Talent Platform 2021 Turning the tables on traditional recruitment, Liberty Hive is a talent platform with a difference. One of a kind, borne out of a love for the industry and the determination to make a difference, the founders speak candidly to us about their passion and future goals. Liberty Hive is a new tech-led talent business, creating a flexible working community for media businesses and people. The firm’s founders, Laura Braithwaite and Kate Merritt, share a love of people and a passion for the industry. “Liberty Hive connects the two in a new modern way,” explains Laura. “At Liberty Hive, not only will you get connected to the best jobs in media instantly via a bespoke matching technology platform. We have also created a thriving community to support a new way of working.” “We call it Tomorrow’s Workplace, today,” Kate states. It was in 2019 that both Kate and Laura realised the current way of working in media was leaving too many talented people feeling unfulfilled. Having worked with each other years ago, a reintroduction led to them working together on what would later become Liberty Hive. Kate and Laura have always been passionate about people so as well as using matching technology to make connections between employers and consultants, they also wanted to create a community running through the core of Liberty Hive. “We wanted to create something that broke away from the traditional expensive and lengthy recruitment model, bringing simplicity and speed to connect the best talent in a new flexible way,” says Kate. Between them, the duo has a combined media experience of over 50 years and they believe it’s this industry knowledge and their contacts that set them apart. They understand the pressures of daily client servicing, fast paced pitching, complicated trading agreements through to complex media partnerships. They know the pinch points and can help find tailored resource solutions quickly. Liberty Hive is a media platform developed by media experts. Despite being a small team, the firm’s mission is to make a real difference to how people work in the media industry, and it strives to achieve this. With a focus on flexible working, Kate and Laura want to keep great talent fulfilled and attract new, diverse talent to the industry. The Liberty Hive platform makes this a much- needed reality. Very simply, companies purchase Liberty Hive Points to post a job or project opportunity. Consultants are matched to the best job opportunities and personally invited to connect. All members have their own personal dashboards to manage this process. “For the first time in the media industry, companies have the flexibility to access the best talent, whilst consultants have a pipeline of work from short term projects, parental cover, through to permanent,” elaborates Laura. “Our platform coupled with our experience of over 25 years in the industry means tech does the heavy lifting whilst the team at Liberty Hive provide support and advice to all our community. We are far from a faceless platform, we like to think of the service we offer as tech meets personal touch.” Kate adds: “Our name sums us up. We give people the freedom to make their own choices, whilst creating a buzzing new community. Our warm and inclusive nature means we attract a rich and diverse community, including under- represented communities.” Liberty Hive currently has no direct competitors as it is a new tech model, however both women know it won’t be long before someone else enters this space. Currently, the closest competitors are the traditional media recruiters who cannot match the platform’s USP. “Our USP for companies is that they can connect to quality, vetted talent quickly and cost effectively,” says Laura. “The results speak for themselves. Last week a media agency posted a role for a senior digital planner on Monday evening, it was filled by 4:30pm the next day. “For consultants, we provide a free service, welcoming them with an initial chat to help understand their specialisms and ambitions. As well as providing a constant stream of new work opportunities there are community events, newsletters, webinars, training and media reports providing a new network that has never existed before.” As a new company, the current focus for the year ahead is on delivering, building and improving its core service with the goal of becoming the “go to” talent platform for the media industry. “We are free from historic legacy, breaking away from the traditional recruitment models and disrupting the industry as we embrace a different way of working,” Kate embellishes. “We are dedicated to building this community for the long term. As we approach our second round of investment, we continue to build an intuitive, smart platform supported by our committed team to provide something that makes a real difference to our industry.” Contact: Laura Braithwaite & Kate Merritt Company: Liberty Hive Web Address: Jun21093