UK Enterprise Awards 2021

248 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Inclusion & Diversity Education Initiative 2021 The value of community is one which is essential to human interaction. During times of trial and tribulation, knowing that others have your back can be what keeps you going. We take a look at the team from CRAICNI, to see how they have achieved such success in the UK Enterprise Awards, and how that success was achieved through embracing the potential of a truly diverse community. When CRAICNI was first launched in 2015, it was specifically as a social enterprise to draw people together. The company’s passion and driving ambition would be the development of communities in various different forms, weaving together various facets of society into one cohesive whole. Nowhere is perfect, but the team at CRAICNI have gone a long way to developing a country that is inclusive at every level. CRAICNI stands for Cultivate Respect, Appreciate Inclusion in Communities in Northern Ireland, and every decision made by the team is designed to push forward in that regard. Northern Ireland is built on a diverse range of communities, many of which have very little understanding of the others. As such, the team develops and delivers quality learning experiences that focus on integration, cohesion and inclusive action. Through a deeper understanding of people and who they are, the team have created a space where everyone is able to learn. The last few years have seen a dramatic change in the society landscape of Northern Ireland, and while these changes only enrich the region, there is always the risk of a backlash. Much of the work undertaken by the CRAICNI team focuses on building those stronger community bonds at a local level to ensure that everyone moves forward together. Instead of launching edicts from on high, CRAICNI provides an authentic experience in understanding the context and reality of cultural diversity in Northern Ireland. Each program designed by the team is tailormade by experienced practitioners who are themselves from different cultural and community backgrounds. As a result of being able to talk from genuine experiences, the team have been able to quickly and effectively connect with many people from many different backgrounds. Their areas of expertise include Culture Awareness in Action, Appreciation and Management of Diversity and Encouragement and Engagement with Diverse Communities. One of the many projects which CRAICNI is involved in alongside this important community work is the development of tools for the classroom. CRAICNI has been involved in facilitation, training, workshops, project management and events to promote good relations and inclusion and diversity in a variety of different areas that are core components of the community. Over 1500 participants, drawn from government, community, youth and private organisations across Northern Ireland, have been able to benefit, each seeing the value in what the incredible team has to offer. When it comes to building up community, there is no organisation finer than that of CRAICNI. The team’s long experience and focus on exploring what brings people together is unique, but succeeds when matched with their knowledge of Northern Ireland’s development. As this part of the UK continues to change at a rapid pace, you can be safe in the knowledge that this team are pulling out all the stops to ensure that inclusivity and diversity are at its heart. Company: CRAICNI CIC Name: Eileen Chan-Hu Email: May21162