UK Enterprise Awards 2021

UK Enterprise Awards 2021 | 57 Pro-Noctis Ltd “As experienced coaches ourselves, and with this experience under our belt, we know how important it is for organisations to develop a mentoring culture and to find the right qualification for you. This is why we offer three levels of programmes so that you can progress at your own pace developing your coaching skills and gaining experience as well as your qualifications.” Students also receive access to the Pro-Noctis online learning portal where they can download everything from lesson plans to session materials so that there is never an excuse not to complete assignments! “In our live course or online development days, you will study and learn the framework for coaching, discover coaching resources, tools and strategies to develop you, your people and your organisational culture.” Finally, Pro-Noctis provides the unique offering of human performance retreats, these being immersive individual discovery opportunities, delivered as in house events, or at locations across the world. “Sometimes we just need to press pause, reflect and reset, and the Pro-Noctis Performance Codes allow you to do just that.” There is an executive retreat, designed especially for executives and leaders. Entitled ‘The Exducis Code’, this retreat is offered in partnership with Besthopes Coaching and Consultancy. “Most Executives are on the verge of burnout these days, and during the past few years we have seen a rise in leaders and executives being challenged by loneliness, overload, tiredness, increasing workload, stress, lack of clarity, guilt, lack of career progression, and lack of team engagement. “Developing the right mindset is key to making the right decisions at the right time, especially those big strategic decisions. In an increasingly frantic and busy world, I bring clarity of purpose and thought to my clients, empowering them to take back control and achieve their goals. “The Exducis Code is 3.5 day event for up to 12 C-Level Executives who are focused on transforming their leadership behaviours, self- awareness and overall career satisfaction.” Pro-Noctis also offers wellbeing retreats for those embarking on a journey of self-discovery. ‘The Reset Code’ is provided in partnership with Euphrenity and takes individuals on a five-day transformational journey to self-discovery and improved wellbeing. This involves time spent in a beautiful farmhouse retreat deep in the spiritual mountains of Deia, Mallorca. “During this retreat, individuals will delve deeper into the neuroscience behind the three elements of Euphrenity which include the focused delivery of conscious living, elevation and alignment of the right hemisphere and the extrapolation of personal element and intuition,” says Phil. “This is a unique transformational experience in which delegates will be challenged to learn more about themselves and their behaviours while learning more about the neuroscience and psychology of mental wellbeing, creating a growth mindset and resilience.” The content of the five-day immersive retreat integrates varying forms of positive integrative behavioural psychology, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, kundalini yoga, art therapy, nutrition and movement. In combination, the methodologies and practises will provide candidates with the tools they need to maintain, improve and increase psychological and physical wellbeing and ignite heightened levels of euphoria and serenity. In addition, there are development workshops, geared towards those wanting to develop personal resilience. Again provided in partnership with Euphrenity, ‘The Resilience Code’ takes individuals on a two-day exploratory experience, to enhance mental wellbeing, human performance and resilience. “The Resilience Code retreat takes place in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park, Wales, where participants will be educated, tested and supported on what will be, for some of you a life- changing experience.” Involving a mixture of classroom-based theory which delves deep into the neurological science behind conscious living, elevation of the right hemisphere and the extrapolation of personal element and intuition; and practical application which involves spending the day climbing Snowdon with an ex-Military Mountain Guide and Human Performance Coach, participants will be provided with various training tools and techniques to improve and increase mental wellbeing, human performance, growth and personal resilience. “Individuals will leave any of these retreats with the tools they need to acquire, maintain and sustain euphoria and serenity.” Contact: Phil Kelly Company: Pro-Noctis Ltd Web Address: