UK Enterprise Awards 2021

56 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 May21741 Best Human Performance Training Provider - London Providing coaching, mentoring and leadership training courses in the workplace, Pro-Noctis is an award-winning approved and accredited training centre – with a difference! We speak to Phil Kelly about what the company can offer in the wake of it being awarded the accolade of Best Human Performance Training Provider – London. Pro-Noctis Ltd (Pro-Noctis) is an award-winning human performance specialist company that works with clients and organisations who are striving to create the most productive and engaged working environment possible. Understanding and embracing human performance means being able to manage and influence the environmental, organisational and job factors, along with the team and individual characteristics, which influence behaviour at work and create the observed culture. Developmental training through to executive coaching can yield significant benefits when approached from a human performance angle. Through years of experience delivering training courses across the world, Pro-Noctis has seen human performance education and training improve performance across a variety of industries. The company believes that by modelling excellence through engaging training interventions, business can create their desired culture in a more proactive, effective and compliant way. Whether it be through its excellent team development interventions, one-to-one coaching sessions or highly bespoke training programmes, Pro-Noctis possesses the skills and knowledge to meet its clients’ specific requirements. These include safety behaviour, cultural and values alignment programmes, problem solving and avoidance, leadership and management, coaching and mentoring, and relationship awareness. Company Director, Phil Kelly, is an award-winning business owner and TED presenter who loves to build positive relationships with clients. Having designed and delivered successful training packages worldwide across various industries, he now spends most of his time within business development and quality assurance. He has a passion for coaching, facilitation and experiential learning and utilises this alongside his academic background within education and leadership to design and develop bespoke training packages that meet the client’s needs. Phil enjoys public speaking and can be seen throughout the year at various events where he delivers engaging talks around current themes and challenges faced by organisations. The company programmes offered by Pro-Noctis provide bespoke training which is linked to an organisation’s strategic goals. The firm is a CPD approved body and drives a programme of accreditation. All of its courses support Continued Professional Development and are accredited for CPD points. There are a wide range of courses available to choose from, tackling subjects such as Strategic Leadership and Management Development, Effective Communications and Decision Making, Coaching and Mentoring and Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Programmes, to name but a few. “Our observations and experiences in the corporate world show us that we are operating in environments that are often chaotic, technology led, complex and highly interconnected,” explains Phil. “In the centre of this environment is our most valuable resource – our people. It is in this space that we offer you the opportunity to maximise the ability of your people to not only operate in this environment but thrive in it and that, as we know, effects the bottom line.” Pro-Noctis can help a business to improve retention, help colleagues thrive, lead effectively, operate effectively as individuals and as teams, develop a growth mindset, and adapt positively to change. “We listen to your needs, speak to the colleagues involved, design a suitable solution to meet both the identified individual and organisational needs, deliver, evaluate and support,” Phil elaborates. “We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to training - each organisation is different and each needs a bespoke programme of support. “Before we start working with you, we will conduct a detailed training needs analysis, and then through either a strategically designed programme of training or a bespoke package of interventions, we will take your organisation on a journey: a journey of improved operational excellence.” Pro-Noctis also offers a variety of courses from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). ILM courses offer a range of programmes to suit an individual’s needs, whether it’s an introductory course to learn the mentoring process or something more advanced. The company also provides ongoing support for all its students so that they can continue their development after the completion of their programme. ILM has been delivering high-quality training in the UK since 2002 and Pro-Noctis has helped more than 15,000 people get started with their careers as coaches and mentors. “Coaching is a growing profession and there are many different qualifications on offer for your future development,” Phil elaborates.