UK Enterprise Awards 2021

UK Enterprise Awards 2021 | 55 RSM Stage Academy The academy is affiliated and accredited with many governing bodies. It is an official exam centre with Trinity College London and can offer graded and diploma examinations in Musical Theatre, Acting, and Drama & Speech, amongst others. It is also a CDMT (Council for Dance, Drama & Musical Theatre) Recognised School, holding and implementing professional policies and procedures, including safeguarding, and health & safety. RSM Stage Academy is also an official learning provider for The Children’s University and a CU School, offering many validated programmes for students. “There are nine requirements that we have to adhere to in order to become recognised,” Richard elaborates. “We also have to ensure that the majority of teaching is delivered by teachers with appropriate teaching qualifications, such as a CDMT, Ofqual or other government recognised teaching qualification at QCF Level 3 or above. Teachers not holding (or working towards) such a teaching qualification should be in the minority but will still need to demonstrate their professional experience to the satisfaction of CDMT.” During the pandemic, RSM Stage Academy, like many businesses, experienced challenges. However, Richard and the team were determined to push through and adapted the way they work to ensure that students were still getting as much as they could possibly get from the academy. “We reverted to online training, which was a challenge in itself, especially on Zoom,” says Richard. “During this time, we have picked up many clients from around the world, including New York, LA, Dubai and India and this made me re-look at the academy and how we can push forward to an ever-changing world, especially during these extremely challenging times.” Forward thinking was imperative during the pandemic and Richard is now examining ways in which he can continue to adapt and evolve by providing online workshops with guests to keep current students and clients interested. “We are still offering online training sessions to all our clients and students to allow greater flexibility and those who are our international clients. There have been many Singing, Dance and Acting teachers who have adapted to the pandemic and offer these types of lessons” “These classes are a great sense of release and for many has been a form of escapism, especially with everything that we have all had to deal with during these challenging times. Here at RSM Stage Academy we work hard to support our students and clients during the many obstacles that we have recently faced.” Richard has also invested more time in social media exploits, with regular updates across the platforms, as well as devoting much of his time in lockdown to the complete redesign of the academy’s website. “I took the time to launch a completely new website from scratch, working several months to create a brand-new online space, including a shop for the academy where you can purchase an array of things, from memberships and class fees to academy merchandise.” As well as online developments, Richard has other exciting plans for the future, with new touring shows in 2022, guest appearances, showcases, new workshops and performing on a Broadway Stage in New York, which has been moved to August 2022. Richard explains, “We have recently launched new Film& TV Acting projects and have filmed a short film.” he embellishes. “But we will continue to evolve and create opportunities, always standing by our motto: Learn - Themore you learn, themore places youwill go. Create - The opportunity to create challenges and overcome them. Inspire - Making goals to not only be inspired, but to be the inspiration.” Contact: Richard S. Meredith Company: RSM Stage Academy Web Address: