UK Enterprise Awards 2022

55 | UK Enterprise Awards 2022 From its humble beginnings in the stable yard of Dean Moody’s parents’ house, Bloomfields Horseboxes has grown into a brand that is recognised worldwide. The company’s reputation for exceptional build quality at sensible prices means it is never short of a customer recommendation. When Bloomfields Horseboxes founder, Dean Moody, built his first horsebox in 2005 it was clear he had unearthed a winning formula. The name of the company is taken from the site where his first horsebox was made – his parents’ house called Bloomfield. But the company wasn’t to be homed there for long. Two years later, Dean took on his first member of staff and moved to an industrial unit. And the company has continued to grow ever since. Today, based on a 2-acre site in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Bloomfields employs 52 people. Dean lets us in on a company secret as he promotes “customer service and build quality”. “When you buy a Bloomfields you’re not just buying a horsebox, you’re buying into our passion for safety and quality. All our horseboxes are handcrafted and we care about your horses and their safety. We build every horsebox as if it’s for our own horse.” Bloomfields strives to stay at the forefront of technology in its field. The company’s team of engineers and in-house designers are always looking to create new and innovative features. New materials are safety tested to ensure all Bloomfields’ horseboxes are as strong and safe as they can be. The team subjects every vehicle to a 160-point quality control inspection during the build process. Bloomfields makes its horseboxes to order. With nine standard designs and a host of bespoke options and upgrades to choose from, you’re sure to find the horsebox of your dreams. Providing its clients with purchasing options, Bloomfields partners with First Equine Funding to source the right horsebox finance package for each buyer. With each horsebox model, Bloomfields have carefully considered every aspect of the design. Strength-tested bulkheads are incorporated as standard. A Rhino SafeStep, set at the optimum height, makes stepping in and out of the horsebox a breeze. One of the most popular designs is the Eventer 5T. This is the ultimate luxury 2-stall horsebox and features are not only accommodation for your horses, but for you too. The standard specification includes a pull-out double bed, wardrobe space, a kitchenette, toilet and even a TV and minibar. Bloomfields designers will create a 3-D visual of your horsebox to help you make all your colour and finish choices. It’s clear that Dean values the team at Bloomfields as the company’s biggest asset. Each team member is an integral part of the customer journey from Helen, Emily and Josie who are the first point of contact through to Peter, Dave, Mark and Anthony who ensure that every horsebox is finished exactly as it should be. Bloomfields is proud to be the horsebox provider of choice for professional riders such as Olympic medallists Geoff Billington and Charlotte Dujardin, and international showjumpers Guy Williams and Billy Twomey. Contact: Dean Moody Company: Bloomfields Horseboxes Web Address: Apr22238 Best Horsebox Manufacturer 2022 - Europe