UK Enterprise Awards 2023

175 | UK Enterprise Awards 2023 May23529 Best Industrial AI Start-Up 2023 Cambridge based Turation is an industrial AI company. It believes that mass customisation is set to change the way products are manufactured and consumed, making them both more personalised and sustainable. It offers an adaptable AI assistant for High-Mix Low-Volume manufacturing processes. Turation’s intelligent factory solutions bring next generation AI to High-Mix Low-Volume manufacturers. From prototype aerospace components to individually fitted earphones, custom products are made to order in small batches. Using Turation’s adaptable AI solutions, any anomalies are identified, and job schedules are optimised accordingly even in dynamic HMLV environments. It reduces lead times, and the number of product returns. Defective products are returned for rework, back to a factory already experiencing production flow problems due to a high product mix. Poor quality and lead times increase costs for manufacturers. Turation aims to reduce such problems through its adaptable AI technology, which is capable of detecting defects early on within continuous streams of diverse, smallbatch products and optimising the makespan with dynamic rescheduling in response to production disruptions. Turation believes mass customisation will change the way we design, produce, transport, and consume various products. Although this concept isn’t new, it is certainly much more attainable now, thanks to the wide adoption of CNC machines, 3D, and Direct-to-Object printers. Turation is working on Adaptable AI software tech to match these hardware capabilities. Specialists have realised the way AI has been trained with big data and vast computing resources is unsustainable. Turation has a goal to make AI better in other ways, to enable it to deal more effectively with small and ever-changing data in mass customisation environments, making personalised production at scale a reality. Providers of CNC machining or additive manufacturing services, components manufacturers with a wide range of products, or manufacturers of customised consumer goods willing to boost their Overall Equipment Effectiveness can already register for a waiting list on Turation’s website. However, Turation has also started offering selected customers and partners early access to its AI technology and its team is happy to discuss collaboration opportunities with other bold innovators. Company: Turation Web Address: Email: Contact Name: Alex Kotelnikov