UK Enterprise Awards 2023

225 | UK Enterprise Awards 2023 Apr23328 Best Sport Equipment Training 2023 - UK Athleticum® was born from recognition of a vital need for quality equipment-based group training, education, and events within the fitness and sport industry. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength through exceeding all expectations and delivering only the very best service. We spoke to Co-Founder, Sarah Morelli to find out more. Athleticum® has forged an incredible reputation through fulfilling a vital need on the greater industry – training. Because, after all, we’re all on a path towards better, regardless of industry. Moreover, the greater business world is more competitive than ever, and every advantage should be pursued to deliver best in class services and products. By every consideration, Athleticum® has become the de facto leader in this space, as Sarah explains. “Athleticum® was created to support equipmentbased group training, education, and events in the UK and Ireland with quality training and inspiring dynamic presenters. Since then we have grown and are now proud to distribute and install quality commercial and home training products and support this with quality group education provision. Enabling a truly experiential education for instructors and fans alike, Athleticum® is the event organiser of PROS Fitness and Spinning® Conference which takes place in Blackpool Wintergardens each year to really showcase our offerings. “Our mission is to revolutionise group training in the UK and Ireland, equipping people with high-quality products, energising them through experienced coaching, and empowering individuals everywhere with the knowledge needed for success.” After all, if there’s one thing fitness and sport aims to do, it’s to pursue constant betterment. Refinement. As drivers of that goal, Athleticum® finds itself in a neat feedback loop, in turn becoming better at what they do as they teach others to challenge the boundaries of their own ability. In this, the company certainly practices what it preaches, with a team that thrives off of client victories and success. “Having a dedicated small team who all believe in our vision going forwards is a massive win too,” Sarah adds. “We all love a win, and celebrate together when those moments arrive. The wins drive us all towards the next set of goals in a challenging business environment.” Those wins certainly aren’t isolated to the team’s clientele, but permeate through every tier of the business. Indeed, this accolade is only adding to a wealth of achievements over recent years, including being named the ‘International Fitness Showcase Brand of the Year’ following the conclusion of the company’s PROS:2023 Fitness Conference. “The team were thrilled and one or two happy tears were shed!” delights Sarah. “We also attended the B2B industry event of Elevate at Londons ExCel for the second time on 14-15 June. Onwards and upwards!” Altogether, the company is built from a place of passion, and a foundational enjoyment of what it offers, and what it can achieve on a daily basis. That, and an understanding that the team’s combined efforts are far-reaching, with the clients of their clients achieving their own wins and goals down the line. In this, Athleticum® plays a truly crucial role in the greater fitness landscape, as Sarah offers more insight into. “We value quality, and we value the experience that people feel when they achieve from what we have taught. That high and joy of passing that on to their end users, the public who need a person to take their health and wellness to another level. In the end, we are all about wellness of the end user and we keep that in mind when we create and deliver courses to professionals in health and fitness industry. “Our unique selling point is that all of our products are origin products. Like the Spinning® Brand for example, who created the global indoor cycling category and phenomenon. The brands that we distribute are Spinning®, Gun-ex®, AntiGravity® Fitness, CrossCore® and 4D Pro® Bungee Fitness. No other company focuses solely on the boutique fitness or group training element of the fitness market like Athleticum. We are proud of this.” “At Athleticum Fitness, we’re dedicated to elevating the corporate landscape within the UK and beyond by way of our bespoke training courses for independent or club-based fitness instructors.” So, what does the future hold for Athleticum®? It shouldn’t be a surprise to say that the company’s plans are built around vertical growth and expansion, as Sarah moves on to discuss in her closing comments. “Our current goals revolve around sustainable growth of the business and we love a challenge. Our aim is to reach out to new areas and vertical markets and expand our launch our product service department too. 2024 looks to be a stronger year with a possible digital offering on the horizon. Watch this space!” Company: Athleticum Fitness Name: Sarah Morelli, Co-Founder Email: Web Address: Address: Causeway House, 1 Dane Street, Bishops Stortford, CM23 3BT Telephone: 0208 8199 161