UK Enterprise Awards 2023

90 | UK Enterprise Awards 2023 May23359 Best Business Automation Integration Specialists 2023 When Infomentum was founded fifteen years ago, the team of four colleagues and friends couldn’t have foreseen the remarkable impact that they would have. Since opening their doors as an enterprise content management services business, they have seen technology move at a rapid pace that many organisations simply couldn’t match. With different technologies used by different parts of a business, often things get confusing very quickly. A firm might have, for example, HR and Finance applications on one cloud, customer service could be a SaaS on another cloud, legacy systems on the premises and other applications on another cloud. Businesses need all of these things to be connected to work more efficiently, but that’s not easy to do without a holistic approach. It stands to reason, therefore, that working with experts like Infomentum is vital to securing digital transformation success. At the heart of how Infomentum works is a mindset which puts an overall framework at the heart of the business. The team have always been thought leaders, and for them the adoption of cloud, mobile, service oriented integration, CX and self service has been an inevitability for many years. What sets them apart is the way in which they offer Integration, Automation and Information management services together. These three services are often the responsibility of different departments in an organisation, and there is a need for an outside perspective to unite them as one. When brought together in this way, businesses perform better. Over the years, the team at Infomentum have been proud to work with so many different clients, each of whom bringing unique challenges to the table that must be overcome. It’s little wonder, therefore, that Infomentum has become a trusted partner in a host of sectors, including central & local government, police & blue light services, social housing associations, financial & insurance services and charities to name but a few. The team’s approach is naturally collaborative, drawing on the experiences of their clients to ensure that their work is of the highest standard and thoroughly fit for purpose. Staff come from over 20 nationalities, meaning that many different languages bind the team together. More than 37% of staff are women, which is incredible for an IT organisation, and the leadership team is 67% female which is amazing. It’s little wonder that diversity, equality and inclusion are factors at the heart of the firm’s success. The business draws on this collaborative approach, and thirst for the best possible solution. After all, Infomentum was designed to provide faster solutions for businesses that would be able to keep pace with technological progress. Theirs is the human touch which stands apart from a sea of competitors. As a firm which has rapidly moved on from start-up status, it has still not lost any of that initial agility. Key to how they work is leveraging not only the expertise and portfolio of experience, but the new technologies that have only just begun to emerge. To showcase what the team do best, it’s worth exploring some examples of their high quality work. Humberside police, for instance, wanted a new solution when it came to taking a victim through the journey to justice. They turned to Infomentum, and the team was delighted to break new ground when it came to policing and engagement between police and victims, status of crime and when police will visit. Previously, this sort of engagement would have been only through phone calls, but now the process has been digitised, with proactive notification that has increased trust and confidence in the police force. It offers real time updates for victims, so they know precisely how the case is progressing The new digital solution, worked out in partnership with Humberside police is highly scalable, and has potential to be rolled out throughout For the team at Infomentum, good service is always the priority. The team’s work has seen them supported businesses from all walks of life through effective digital transformation, building close relationships that ensure long lasting success. Their work has earned them accolades in the UK Enterprise Awards, so we took a closer look to find out more.