UK Transport Awards 2023

UK Transport Awards 2023 | 13 specific google map reference so that the clip is accurate in every sense. Alternatively, based on all of the assets we have developed over time, we can re-purpose those assets so the client benefits from our knowledge and experience and still gets a high quality clip that contains all of the road marking and signage applicable to that country, the scenario for the hazard, any relevant weather conditions and, if it’s a rural, urban or motorway setting. We believe it is fundamentally important to those taking the training or getting tested can see that the scene that the clip is set in is accurate in every sense so they don’t lose focus on the task. This would include every detail about the road, the speed of all road users including pedestrians, use of brake lights, indicators and other signals, the movements of vehicles within the clip, type of vehicles. This could even include a view of the dashboard, wing mirrors and rear view mirrors so that you get that experience of feeling as though you are actually in a car driving down a real road with very familiar surroundings. “Whilst our background is in developing animated content for the advertising industry, we have built up considerable experience in road safety techniques and practices over the last eight years. We are confident that we can add real value to any type of project safety project where the content needs to bring about new learning experiences in order to assess or test someone’s understanding and capabilities.” Jellylearn is committed to improving road safety for all, but is particularly concerned about vulnerable road users. It identifies Road Safety Content Producer of the Year 2023 these as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. It is important to stay vigilant in this ever-changing society; for instance, pedestrians might be wearing headphones or in-ear devices, and what with the increased use of electric cars are in danger of not being fully alert to potential risks. Similar problems might occur with cyclists. Using animation is a fun way to help people understand the concepts of hazards. When it comes to motorcyclists, the range of hazards is even more increased. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable category of all road users, according to the statistics covering death and serious injury in most countries. This makes it even more important for motorcyclists to be able to make crucial and timely decisions that help avoid accidents. In essence, Jellylearn delivers high quality animated and interactive testing, training and assessment projects for improving road safety globally. It is focused particularly on hazard perception, hazard prediction, vulnerable road users, and professional driver assessment. Its amazing track record, reinforced by its flagship client the DVSA, is helping to make the roads a safer place for all. As winner of Road Safety Content Producer of the Year 2023, it is clear the future is brighter for everyone with Jellylearn in the world. Company: Jellylearn Ltd Web Address: