UK Transport Awards 2023

UK Transport Awards 2023

About our UK Transport Awards 2023 SME News is delighted to welcome you once again to the prestigious UK Transport Awards! Returning for the fifth consecutive year in 2023, this programme will shine a spotlight on the key players and leading innovators operating within the diverse UK transport industry! The past few years have been especially difficult for this sector – with workforce shortages, operational constraints during the pandemic, rising fuel costs, supply chain disruptions, and disputes regarding pay all being challenges to overcome. Thanks to government funding initiatives and the enthusiasm of the British public, who have returned in great number to road, rail, sea, and air travel since COVID restrictions were lifted, the Transport industry has received a welcome boost and is now back on track for economic success. The UK Transport Awards 2023 plan to recognise the companies whose hard work and dedication have kept this sector operating throughout these challenging times. Despite all the recent obstacles, the Transport industry is recovering much more swiftly than many other departments, making the outlook for the future an increasingly positive one. The sector is even predicted to enter a period of substantial growth by the end of 2022, which may soon result in transport once again becoming the fastest-growing market in the UK. Progress is being made in more ways than one, with large investments into technology and software driving innovation across the board. New technologies being rolled out in the Railway and Shipping sectors specifically have allowed for safer, greener, more efficient, and cheaper modes of operation. The government’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 is another key force of change in the transport industry today. With transportation representing the largest source of pollution in the UK, it is imperative that this field adapts to new environmental standards and regulations if it is to continue to thrive in the coming decades. Part of this journey towards zero emissions involves the phasing out of pure petrol and diesel cars, and as such Britain’s transport market is on the verge of perhaps one of the most evolutionary changes in its history. Sofi Parry | Senior Editor

Contents 4. Matador Autos: Best Family-Run Pre-Owned Car Dealership - Essex 6. Schweizer Electronic Ltd: Best Train Detection & Warning Systems Manufacturer - Europe 8. Crusader Vehicles Ltd: Van Leasing Broker of the Year 2023 10. SBL-Rail: Leading Innovators in Railway Vehicle Powertrains 2023 12. Jellylearn Ltd: Road Safety Content Producer of the Year 2023 14. Virtus Energy: Most Innovative EV Charger Installation Company 2023 16. Cromwell-Cars Ltd: Best Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealership & Automotive Services Garage 2023 – Cambridgeshire 17. SNOCOM: Most Innovative Transport Snow Removal Machine Manufacturer - Europe 18. Vikingston – Minibus Hire: Most Reliable Minibus Hire Company - South West London 19. Wizz Ground Ltd: Excellence Award for Road Transport Solutions – Northamptonshire & Business Growth Excellence Award 2023 20. My New Motor Ltd: Most Trusted Pre-Owned Car Dealership - Somerset 22. Jaama: Best Fleet Management Software Company 2023 23. Marangoni Retreading Systems: Most Innovative International Tyre Retreading Company 2023 25. Pink Salary Exchange: Leading Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme 2023 – East Midlands 26. Prestige Wheels: Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Specialists of the Year - Greater Manchester 27. DMSMatrix: Leading Providers of Cross-Border eCommerce Logistics Solutions 2023 28. Advanced Journey Chauffeuring Limited: Best Luxury Executive Private Chauffeuring Service 2023 - England 29. Tranzitt: Most Innovative Taxi Marketplace – London 30. Platinum Supercar Hire / Adams Executive Travel: Leading Luxury Supercar Hire Company 2023 in the West Midlands 31. North Down Driver and Rider Training: Leading Specialists in Motorcycle Training - Northern Ireland 32. All Moves UK Ltd: Best Family-Run Office & Home Removal Specialists 2023 - Midlands 34. Air France-KLM: Best SME Airline Group 2023 (Western Europe): Air France-KLM & Best SME Airline Loyalty Programme 2023: bluebiz

4 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23019 Best Family-Run Pre-Owned Car Dealership - Essex Whether customers are looking for a compact city car or a vehicle perfect for a large family, Matador Autos stocks cars that suit a wide range of requirements, varying in ages, styles, and prices. The company’s current selection of vehicles available for purchase can be viewed on its website or on Auto Trader. Customers are invited to book a free one-to-one appointment at a convenient time for them to view and test drive their car of interest. Through this, staff are able to focus on one viewing at a time, providing attentive and informative services to ensure customers’ needs are met. Striving to provide an excellent and unique level of service, Matador Autos takes steps to ensure every customer’s experience is one to remember. To do this, the company works hard to guarantee the quality of its stock, making sure all cars are kept inside with batteries charged and healthy, always ready for viewing. Furthermore, to assure clients that their vehicle is in great condition, Matador Autos offers a complimentary vehicle health check, valet service, and one year’s MOT with every purchase. Using proven vehicle sourcing processes, Matador Autos is also able to help clients find their specific dream car, even the most exclusive and high demand makes and models. Although its specialty is sports cars, the company has sold a wide range of other vehicles to date, including highspec, hard-to-find variants of popular cars and extremely rare models. Currently, the UK transport industry is undergoing significant change as technology advances and awareness of sustainability increases, impacting consumer preferences. The adoption of electric vehicles and their increasing popularity with the public has led to the installation of charging infrastructure in many places across the country. Matador Autos strives to stay one step ahead of changing consumer preferences by ensuring its stock is in demand and its prices are always competitive, making it stand out from other dealerships. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, more people now work remotely and frequently shop online, resulting in changes to the way in which people choose to travel. The emergence of car-sharing platforms has provided consumers with more flexible and affordable options for transportation. In response to these changes, Matador Autos has identified the shift towards purchasing online and now utilises online platforms to market and sell its vehicles. While in-person viewings can now go ahead in the wake of the pandemic, the company values the time customers take out of their day to visit the dealership, so it makes sure to make its sales process as efficient and simple as possible. As a business which was established in the midst of lockdown, the company has always operated in an unconventional way. Its experiences with adapting to Covid-19 regulations have made it an incredibly resilient business, meaning it is well-equipped to create innovative responses to future changes in the industry. In the UK, businesses selling new cars are facing significant challenges following the pandemic and Brexit. Disruption to the supply chain has resulted in shortages of critical components, leading to production delays and higher costs. Many consumers have been put off by these delays and the higher prices of new cars, meaning they are more likely to buy second hand. As a used car dealership, Matador Autos has been able to capitalise on these developments and has experienced growth as a result. As the business grows, the company aims to stay true to its values as a small family-run enterprise. Firstly, Matador Autos aims to maintain the close relationships between staff as it hires new team members to facilitate business expansion. Secondly, it strives to continue to prioritise customer service over anything else, working hard to maintain its seamless process from purchase to sale. Customer satisfaction is crucial to the company’s success and growth. As a result of its efforts to consistently provide the best experience to all clients, Matador Autos has received a multitude of 5-star reviews online. Customers describe the company’s service as “helpful and Located in Chelmsford, Essex, Matador Autos is a family-run car dealership offering a variety of quality pre-loved cars at the best prices. Catering to everyone from families to first time buyers, the company understands that every customer’s budget and requirements are different. No matter your needs, Matador Autos can help you find the car you are looking for.

UK Transport Awards 2023 | 5 informative” and the whole experience as “very smooth with no problems”. One customer in particular praises the company for its efficiency, mentioning that, upon sale, the warranty and service documents were handed over within minutes. Having travelled quite a distance to view the car, the customer was pleased with the speed of the sale as well as the lack of pressure from the salesperson. Another customer describes their experience with having a car delivered from Matador Autos, stating that the “car arrived as promised” and the service was “great and easy from start to finish”. The company’s glowing reviews are a testament to its professional services and respect for its customers, valuing transparency and honesty about the cars they offer. With high-quality vehicles and outstanding services, Matador Autos helps people find their dream cars, working hard to exceed customer expectations throughout the whole process. Moving forwards, the company’s goal for 2023 is to continue to succeed and grow as it did in 2022. In the future, Matador Autos strives to increase its capacity for stock and provide an even wider variety of vehicles. Contact: Ben Buttling Company: Matador Autos Web Address:

6 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23306 Best Train Detection & Warning Systems Manufacturer - Europe The UK’s rail network is one of the oldest in the world, but modern times call for modern solutions. Leading the way forward are specialists in the field such as Schweizer Electronic Ltd. With a new outlet focused exclusively on developing train detection and warning systems for the UK market, the team have achieved stunning success in the UK Transport Awards 2023. We take a closer look to find out more. With enormous heritage at the heart of how it operates, the UK rail network has long prided itself on its adaptability and reactiveness to any challenges that might arise. Incidents are dealt with swiftly, with new procedures built in to ensure any repeats are unlikely to occur. The counter argument, unfortunately, is that planning to move this Victorian system into the 21st Century can be lacking. Over the last few years, these much-needed improvements have finally found traction, with Schweizer Electronic at the forefront of this development. The Swiss-based Schweizer family have been developing and manufacturing train detection and warning systems for over sixty years. The group’s primary objective has always been to increase safety whilst improving access efficiency, user friendliness and worker productivity. Since entering the UK market in 2005, the team have made great strides as they have worked to supply User Worked Crossings and Track Worker Protection alongside full product training, worksite planning and design. The Schweizer Electronic team have always been equipment manufacturers and suppliers, with an element of support associated with their products. As the market has developed, however, more clients are turning to the company with the hope that they can provide solutions as opposed to purely products. This has opened up exciting new fields for the team to develop into. Naturally, this carries inherent risk and complexity for a longestablished firm, but it has also allowed the team to grow and evolve in a slightly different way to counterpart organisations to meet the unique needs of the UK. As an SME in the rail industry, Schweizer Electronic has had to be adaptable, embracing the shift from the old to the new. The new is what fascinates the team and has to be their priority, with electrified railways, electrified roadways and net zero a looming date in the relatively near future. Where large multinationals will have to pivot their entire working structures, Schweizer Electronic can adjust with greater ease and speed to ensure the ultimate in service at all times. The team’s core business model is built around the basic competencies of high security remote control and radio data transmission systems, along with interactive diagnostic systems for use wherever safety and efficiency are important. All of the operating procedures at Schweizer Electronic has governed and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and CENELEC EN 50126 to guarantee quality that ensures passengers and workforce are always safe. An example of the team’s work over the last few years can be seen in the swift way in which they were able to adapt to cover a loophole which has been found by a major infrastructure client. With the potential for exploitation far too great, the Schweizer Electronic team went to work. Using their own processes and systems as a base, the team used existing technology and created a solution which would cover the offending error. It has been adopted at large by the rail industry, and has also built in technological solutions which will allow for the expansion of capacity and capability whilst maintaining the ethos of safety on the tracks. In 2020, Schweizer Electronic had a business built on the knowledge and expertise of two people, operating out of a small, old warehouse/industrial space. Although this was fit for purpose, it was not the sleek operation that was required of the team. There was also no room for expansion of the firm’s deliverables, including design, training and support. In October 2020, a new location for the firm was found which would allow the team to operate from a warehouse and office facility. It is something the team are proud of, purpose designed not only for growth but to suit the changing need of the UK rail industry. The workforce has trebled over the last three years, with six employees giving immense flexibility in design, training and allowing the team to set a benchmark in the wider business group that other subsidiaries are now following. Each member of staff adds something unique to the table, not only bringing a visionary skillset but an ambition and character that drives the team as a whole forward. Finding the right people to fill roles in an expanding market is not always straightforward, but the development of Schweizer Electronic has seen the business become industry experts. The changing nature of the rail industry has meant that Schweizer Electronic has become a firm which is always looking to the future. A new product launch in the supervision sector of the firm provides a warning system that incorporates the most up to date train and axle detection available. Nine months of development has managed to place industry leading technology into a single cabinet, constantly monitoring train movements across the specified work area and when in operation, the Overwatch system allows track workers to safely access the work area and operate safely with fully automatic warnings issued and cancelled by the system. Drawing on the expertise of the global business, the team’s work is a natural step up from the mobile systems that have been in use for the last fifty years in various guises, as well as providing a natural step between mobile units and signal controlled systems operated in Europe. Already, the Schweizer Electronic sister companies have seen the potential and there are already discussions around implementing Overwatch in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Austria. The team are also looking at releasing upgraded crossing systems that incorporate axle counting, providing a safe way to cross tracks for the public. Railways are an essential part of how the UK’s industry works, and it’s truly gratifying to see that some investment has been made in how it operates. We celebrate the success of the Schweizer Electronic team and look forward to seeing how their work continues to guide this important sector forward in the weeks and months to come. Company: Schweizer Electronic Ltd Name: Neil Bradbury Email: Web Address:

UK Transport Awards 2023 | 7 Funding Made Easy

8 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23081 Van Leasing Broker of the Year 2023 Crusader Vehicles is a company that always provides its customers with the very highest levels of customer care. As a supplier of small to medium sized commercial vehicle fleets, it aims to provide its client businesses with excellent value for money. The industry is facing certain constraints at present owing to country-wide vehicle supply chain issues. Crusader Vehicles is helping its customers to navigate these issues by virtue of its long-standing experience within the sector. It’s using its knowledge to help seek out physical stock available with short lead times. This is alongside its popular special offers for factory orders. The company keeps clients informed throughout the buying process from sale to delivery. It is forever able to provide a consistent point of contact through the life cycle of the vehicles it supplies, and any associated finance contracts. It is an important consideration for Crusader Vehicles to ensure its customers understand their end of contract options. Furthermore, its customers are never put in the position of having to make pressured, lastminute decisions when considering replacement vehicles. The increased costs that have arisen due to the ongoing supply/demand imbalance is one of the biggest challenges facing Crusader Vehicles at present. Unfortunately, this also happens to have coincided with an increase in interest rates. Inevitably this has led to some customers weighing up their options when it comes to fleet vehicle costs. They are questioning the value of current deals on offer within the marketplace, against waiting to see if something better comes along. Is a long wait for a better deal preferable to a short-term snap decision on the used vehicles currently available from physical stock? It’s hard for anyone to say, but the indecision the market is prompting is certainly causing problems for many customers. Crusader Vehicles has witnessed some potential customers panic buying vehicles at nearly full retail price just to, as it were, get the job done. The HMRC had introduced a potential tax-saving super deduction scheme, which stimulated many outright purchases. But with this scheme coming to its end, Crusader Vehicles is expecting it will soon see buyers moving back towards contract hire and finance lease. This should become a more cost effective alternative once again, meaning Crusader Vehicles will be back in demand, no doubt. Crusader Vehicles is a family-owned business based and operating out of East Sussex. It’s helpful and friendly staff have been supplying vans since 2004 with one simple aim – to make acquiring vehicles as hassle free as possible for its customers. “We do this by combining experience with quality. Having supplied over 16000 vehicles to customers nationwide, we have developed relationships with some of the UK’s best-known manufacturers, dealer groups and finance companies. This means that we deal direct, negotiating savings on new vehicles through bulk buying power, that our customers can then take advantage of.” Over the years much has changed for the company. It has had to go from feast to famine in terms of van supply. As little as two years ago it had compounds full of unsold vans, compared with today when its compounds are full of sold vans all still waiting to be delivered - with lead times of anything up to 18 months! There are several factors at play here. A shortage of semi-conductors, and other global influences, has made the manufacture and subsequent supply of new vans more expensive and slower than ever before. Other problems affecting the industry are high interest rates and the current cost of living crisis in the UK. There is also the rise of electric vans and vehicles, though granted this does come with a lot of scepticism in terms of viability and availability of infrastructure. This is causing people to ask questions about whether the vehicles are actually as green as they are supposed to be. Electric vehicles also have disputed range, payload, and cost of ownership. Such issues are causing many people to turn back to diesel or petrol engines. Crusader Vehicles has noticed how locally there are far fewer people going into dealerships and booking test drives. There seems to be trend for customers to buy online, and just trust whatever they buy to Crusader Vehicles is primarily a fleet van lease business based in East Sussex. The award-winning family company is an expert in sourcing and maintaining a huge range of vehicles for its customers to choose from. It combines experience with quality to provide a service that is second to none.

UK Transport Awards 2023 | 9 be OK. This is leading to the somewhat misled assumption that there is no such thing as a bad vehicle. Crusader Vehicles is trying to address all this by working in tangent with the changing trend. The difference is, however, the warranted addition of offering customers sound advice through consultative sales. The range of vehicles Crusader can supply is extensive – from private and business cars to every type of van. It handles panel vans, tippers, Luton vans and double cabs, refrigerated vehicles and bi-fuel conversions. “Our team of dedicated staff have over 25 years of industry knowledge and undergo continuous training to ensure they are up to date on changing legislation and best practice. As a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, you can be assured that your best interests sit at the top of our priorities, and that we will go the extra mile to get things right.” The van leasing handled by Crusader Vehicles covers both personal and corporate leasing. Personal leasing is when an individual hires a vehicle for private use only. These days many customers are finding this to be a cheaper alternative to a bank loan or dealer finance when it comes to their day-to-day transportation needs. With Crusader, not only do customers get access to newer vehicles but once their contract ends, they have further options to purchase the vehicle through lease or hire purchase. Some of the benefits customers can enjoy with personal leasing are a flexible initial payment, a fixed term contract, fixed mileage contract and the option to include maintenance with the contract. Van Leasing Broker of the Year 2023 Corporate van leasing is primarily meant for businesses requiring a fleet of vehicles. It is beneficial for many businesses to lease rather than buy as it gives them access to multiple brand-new vehicles at a low cost, and it is also possible to include servicing and MOT within the lease agreement. There are also several tax benefits available to corporate van lease customers. For example, VAT is 100% reclaimable. There are also corporation tax benefits for sub- 130g/km vehicles, and vans have customisable options within the lease. Crusader Vehicles is currently concentrating on the sale of custom vans. These might be sports vans such as its Vortex van range, or vans converted for purpose such as crew vans, refrigerated vans or frail vans designed for carrying glass. This has also meant Crusader is diversifying and offering fleet management as well as fleet advice. The company is rapidly approaching its 20th anniversary in the leasing business. Such longevity is testament to Crusader’s core business intention not to sell vans, but to provide business solutions. It focuses on the right van for its customer, not just the cheapest price. With such strong values, it is little wonder Crusader Vehicles has now been awarded Van Leasing Broker of the year 2023. It is a credit to its commitment to supply vehicles nationwide, and its 8000+ happy customers. Contact: Matt Newnham Company: Crusader Vehicles Ltd Web Address:

10 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23027 Leading Innovators in Railway Vehicle Powertrains 2023 When the rail industry first opened its door, coal was the order of the day. With the majority of railways based around mines, this meant that operators almost didn’t have to pay for fuel at all. Now, generations after Stephenson’s Rocket first puffed boldly between Liverpool and Manchester, the topic of fuel has once again risen to the forefront. Fossil fuels are, quite literally, a dying breed. There is increased pressure to change how vehicles are powered. Although trains are no longer fuelled by coal, the diesel and petrol fuels which have become the mainstay of what railways use are on the way out. No one understands the challenges of moving forward to alternative sources better than Shimon Shapiro. His firm, SBL-Rail, has been at the forefront of an engineering revolution. “Our work shows how fossil fuels can be displaced by alternative lower carbon and net zero carbon renewable fuels,” he tells us. “Through CAD based packaging studies of new powertrains and their fuel tanks within a railway vehicle model and alongside powertrain duty cycle modelling and route simulations we can show a back to back comparison with the currently used and original powertrains.” In short, what SBL-Rail offers is a development that allows older locomotives to use new sources of fuel. “Our clients are rolling stock owners and operators worldwide,” Shimon tells us. “Our Class 37 and Class 66 dual fuel evolution concepts are based on UK locomotive designs and for UK based clients but we have also completed equivalent work for clients in the EU and Asia (but not yet published in the public domain).” The secret of the team’s success is the two methods which are often adopted by the team. On the one hand, there is the evolution of the original Diesel engines to dual fuel, which allows two fuels to be used simultaneously, or through applying the dual fuel combustion approach to new engine designs for either repower of existing rolling stock or application to new build rolling stock. The UK transport industry has welcomed the ideas of SBL-Rail with open arms, primarily because they are under pressure to transition away from the use of fossil fuels and to improve air quality. Shimon was happy to explain. “Operators and vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) are under pressure from legislation to move to battery electric or fuel cell powertrains as part of addressing and moving from using fossil fuels. In response OEMs are beginning to offer electric and fuel cell powertrains and operators are beginning to adopt them too.” For large fleets, however, transitioning an existing internal combustion engine asset (and the plant it is contained in) is a lower cost option than displacing whole vehicles with new which are battery electric or fuel cell The 21st Century has already seen tremendous change in how we live and work. The rail industry is no exception to this, with the target of net zero one which everyone is trying to reach. The team at SBL-Rail focuses on how alternative lower carbon fuels and net zero carbon emission renewable fuels can be successfully adopted for self powered railway vehicles or rolling stock. We caught up with Shimon Shapiro to take a closer look at the firm, following success in the UK Transport Awards. “ Our Class 37 and Class 66 dual fuel evolution concepts are based on UK locomotive designs and for UK based clients but we have also completed equivalent work for clients in the EU and Asia (but not yet published in the public domain). ”

UK Transport Awards 2023 | 11 powered. The work of SBL-Rail has proven this is possible on mainstays within the UK transport vehicle fleets, namely the modern Class 66 and the heritage Class 37. The impact of these changes cannot be understated, however. Some of the most important work undertaken by Shimon and the SBLRail team has focused on showing operators the impact of adopting these new powertrains for their specific routes and operations. Many operators have changed their practices to work around the challenges posed by working with electric vehicles, but the SBLRail team keep all options open by adopting different fuels for the internal combustion engine. Early internal combustion engines were, in point of fact, powered by what we would now call biofuels such as vegetable oils and fruit and vegetable derived alcohols. Whilst a path long forgotten by many, it’s a viable way forward that offers the flexibility that many in the industry need. Since first opening their doors, SBL-Rail has seen tremendous demand for its services, with greater interest and receptiveness to what they are doing in all quarters. “Adopting alternative and renewable fuels was more of an altruistic idea for owners and operators concerned about how their operations are emitting net positive carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere rather than due to any external request or pressure,” Shimon says with a wry smile. “Railway vehicle operators and owners are now looking for solutions, in particular for freight locomotives. These are a particularly challenging sector to transition from fossil fuel diesel use given not only its fantastic high energy density, but also the resulting energy that can thus be stored on the locomotive and the power requirements of freight locomotives and their operations.” The future looks bright indeed for SBL-Rail, with dual fuel evolution concepts for the Class 37 and Class 66 locomotives which see biomethane, biopropane and hydrogen dual fuel engines adopted. There is still, however, a great deal of work to be done. “We are currently working on further research and development and combustion modelling to further improve the combustion process and engine models used for the powertrain and route simulations thus far and with these fuels,” Shimon tells us. “Plus we are working on further dual fuel concepts with other fuels e.g. biogas (the initial product from an anaerobic digestion plant – which is used to make biomethane), hythane (a blend of methane and hydrogen), and ammonia.” It’s clear from the exciting ideas being thrown around by the SBL-Rail team that the future is bright indeed for this incredible company. In a world where change needs to happen, they are finding the best way for operators, and the industry at large, to bring this change to life. With tremendous success for their efforts justly recognised in the UK Transport Awards, we can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: SBL-Rail Name: Shimon Shapiro Email: or Web Address:

12 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23065 Road Safety Content Producer of the Year 2023 London based Jellylearn consists of a dedicated team of passionate road safety professionals. In 2012 the company received a prestigious contract from the DVSA, leading to the delivery of 130 one-minute clips destined for the UK Hazard Perception Test. Jellylearn did this by re-developing video clips using computer generated imagery (CGI). The ground-breaking project using these clips is now the world’s largest high stakes test using CGI technology. Approximately 2 million people sit this test annually. Jellylearn’s clips went live in 2015, with 280 clips now in regular randomised use. These might feature different weather conditions, night driving, urban, rural, and motorway scenes. Each clip features one, or often two unique hazards for test participants to spot. The UK was the first country to introduce this innovative hazard perception element of the driving test. Jellylearn’s involvement with the DVSA project has created the need to build long term relationships with academia, research companies and service providers in the road safety sector so that we can ensure what we do is at the forefront of road safety thought leadership. It went on to undertake extensive research into exactly what testing, training, and assessment content was being used in road safety projects globally. This helped Jellylearn identify a gap in the market for its creative technology. It realised it could be of benefit to many public and private sector road safety organisations who were looking for high quality animated media to replace its existing video and 2D content. As well as driving licence testing programmes, its content could be of used for driving schools as training material, and also within professional driving assessments programmes where legislation dictates regular assessments of drivers. Jellylearn has devised a Road Map for Road Safety strategy which it uses to underpin all its projects. This has seen it successfully deliver a number of key road safety initiatives for all categories of road users. It endeavours to utilise high quality and engaging creative content for the very important matter of reducing deaths on the road. Shockingly, global road fatalities currently stand at one every 24 seconds! Jellylearn’s content often concentrates on hazard perception. This requires situational awareness and judgement, a key skill only gained by time spent behind the wheel. Such knowledge, however, can be accelerated by Jellylearn’s multiple interactive CGI clips in support of this task. It is vital to be able to evaluate roads and make good decisions. Jellylearn has vast experience here with the UK driving theory test. Its visual media clips support various case studies in this field. Hazard perception training is a vital skill even for more experienced drivers. In professional driver assessments, Jellylearn’s clips support in depth analysis of a driver’s risk profile. Human factors play a role here too, with fatigue and wellbeing adding to safety risk. Research alongside academia into this area has provided Jellylearn with high quality and relevant content in order to be able to thoroughly assess a professional candidate’s driving skills. It might do this for companies’ HGV and fleet drivers, for example, who are facing situations every day where they need to assess risks on the roads. As well as the DVSA, Jellylearn also delivers CGI clips to many other places to help with driving safety. It has worked with Transport for London (TfL) to help their marketing team produce new content for the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for motorcyclists. This replaces still photographs with CGI content, and focuses on the major issues facing motorcyclists daily when travelling on the streets of London. Using Jellylearn’s clips should provide one of the most vulnerable groups on the road with a better understanding of what constitutes a hazard. This should help riders to be better prepared when travelling on the roads. Jellylearn has also worked in conjunction with BMK in Lithuania to support a road safety project for use in Lithuanian schools. As vulnerable road users, children were a particular focus for the campaign. The statistics were alarming when compared to other countries, and so it was hoped this project would help children to be safer on the roads in Lithuania. The animated clips used required children to respond to the developing hazards they saw. Feedback generated from the analysis of each clip went to the MoE (Ministry of Education) to help understand where key issues lay. This was to help them develop targeted training and education plans for the country. Another interesting company Jellylearn has assisted is Five.AI. This company is developing the world’s most reliable autonomous software stack for driverless cars. They are using artificial intelligence based on advanced technology and multiple sensors located around the car. Because of its admirable work for the DVSA, Five.AI approached Jellylearn with a specific request, wanting clips to show their potential investors highlighting all the potential hazards a driverless car would encounter on a journey. This was to demonstrate the complexity of what they were developing. When Jellylearn first meet a client they explain that there are options about how clips are produced. We could develop a totally bespoke hazard clip based on a road scenario of the clients’ choice set within a Jellylearn is a producer of high quality animated and interactive content designed for the testing, training, and assessment of road users. It is committed to road safety and hopes to reduce everyone’s risks whether driver, rider, or pedestrian. Its flagship client is the DVSA (the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), for whom it is privileged to be able to supply content for the Theory and Hazard Perception part of the UK driving test.

UK Transport Awards 2023 | 13 specific google map reference so that the clip is accurate in every sense. Alternatively, based on all of the assets we have developed over time, we can re-purpose those assets so the client benefits from our knowledge and experience and still gets a high quality clip that contains all of the road marking and signage applicable to that country, the scenario for the hazard, any relevant weather conditions and, if it’s a rural, urban or motorway setting. We believe it is fundamentally important to those taking the training or getting tested can see that the scene that the clip is set in is accurate in every sense so they don’t lose focus on the task. This would include every detail about the road, the speed of all road users including pedestrians, use of brake lights, indicators and other signals, the movements of vehicles within the clip, type of vehicles. This could even include a view of the dashboard, wing mirrors and rear view mirrors so that you get that experience of feeling as though you are actually in a car driving down a real road with very familiar surroundings. “Whilst our background is in developing animated content for the advertising industry, we have built up considerable experience in road safety techniques and practices over the last eight years. We are confident that we can add real value to any type of project safety project where the content needs to bring about new learning experiences in order to assess or test someone’s understanding and capabilities.” Jellylearn is committed to improving road safety for all, but is particularly concerned about vulnerable road users. It identifies Road Safety Content Producer of the Year 2023 these as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. It is important to stay vigilant in this ever-changing society; for instance, pedestrians might be wearing headphones or in-ear devices, and what with the increased use of electric cars are in danger of not being fully alert to potential risks. Similar problems might occur with cyclists. Using animation is a fun way to help people understand the concepts of hazards. When it comes to motorcyclists, the range of hazards is even more increased. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable category of all road users, according to the statistics covering death and serious injury in most countries. This makes it even more important for motorcyclists to be able to make crucial and timely decisions that help avoid accidents. In essence, Jellylearn delivers high quality animated and interactive testing, training and assessment projects for improving road safety globally. It is focused particularly on hazard perception, hazard prediction, vulnerable road users, and professional driver assessment. Its amazing track record, reinforced by its flagship client the DVSA, is helping to make the roads a safer place for all. As winner of Road Safety Content Producer of the Year 2023, it is clear the future is brighter for everyone with Jellylearn in the world. Company: Jellylearn Ltd Web Address:

14 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23463 Most Innovative EV Charger Installation Company 2023 Virtus Energy, an EV charging installation company supporting domestic and commercial clients, has been operating in the UK since 2019. This B Corp certified company is focused on accelerating a sustainable future with zero emission technologies. It is committed to reducing the impacts of climate change and supporting individuals and fleets with their transition to zero emission vehicles. As an agnostic provider of a range of EV charging products, Virtus can deliver unique solutions according to its clients’ needs. Virtus Energy was founded by father and son duo – Peter and James Varney – and former CEO, Liam Ray. It began its journey by becoming an approved installer for the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles and installed charge points as part of the Government’s EV ChargePoint Grant and the EV Workplace Charging Scheme. Its customer base soon started to grow, and it specialised in serving the domestic market, including those who are part of the Motability Scheme, and commercial businesses looking to swap over to electric vehicles or provide charging facilities for their customers. Following a successful investment round via SEEDRS, the company then secured access to a private finance vehicle that enables it to deliver a fully funded commercial model and became a Charge Point Operator (CPO) offering a turnkey solution. Supported by its in-house Sustainability Consultancy and a team of experienced and apprenticeship installers, Virtus can now deliver all aspects of a charging scheme from feasibility assessment through to maintenance and repair. Meanwhile, its Consultancy team delivers Sustainable Fleet Strategy and Transport Decarbonisation projects on behalf of public and private sector organisations. The recent energy crisis has demonstrated the country’s reliance on imported energy and a desperate need to become more self-sufficient. That is why Virtus has identified strategic partnership opportunities to enable it to offer new services to its clients in the form of solar and battery storage facilities and micro-grid solutions. Going forward, the company has ambitions to continue to grow its brand in the UK and, following a recent launch, expand into the US market. Its US team is now working with local partners to deliver charging hub projects in New Jersey. Virtus has partnered with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Zaptec UK to bring accessible cancer screening to the British public while raising awareness of the disease and its early symptoms. Virtus has provided the charity with a zero-tailpipe emission van for twelve months as part of the Lung Health Check Roadshow, delivering critical lung screening and information to 23 locations across the UK. The company is passionate about encouraging young people to develop and maintain healthy active lifestyles and it supports two grassroots youth football teams: Welling FC girls junior Premier League under 13s and R&R Mambas under 11 boys. Contact: James Varney Company: Virtus Energy Web Address:

15 | UK Transport Awards 2023 DH TEAM The Largest Independent Coach Driver Hire Agency in the UK Contract Driver Hire Bringing Operators and Quality Drivers Together FULLY HMRC IR35 Compliant “We set the standards others try to live up to” 07719 565 447 0330 999 0009 01392 427 779

16 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23574 Best Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealership & Automotive Services Garage 2023 – Cambridgeshire Cromwell-Cars is proudly hyper focused on providing the best service for every single one of its customers. No matter what they’re looking for, whether it’s an expert vehicle service, to buy, sell, or part exchange, Cromwell-Cars always strives to make the entire process completely stress free. This small yet mighty business offers used vans, cars, and motorhomes, so that we can all enjoy the finer things in life without a huge price tag. Buying brand new can be costly, and brand new doesn’t always mean better for the environment. These are just two reasons why CromwellCars is the vehicle dealership of choice in Cambridgeshire. It offers fair prices for reliable motors, and its professional yet down to earth approach keeps people coming back for more. Cromwell-Cars thrives in its environment of solid teamwork. Everyone brings something to the table within its team, and each individual works to their strengths. It creates a fine balance where the team really does work like a well-oiled machine. Communicating their fresh ideas and being reliable for one another, Cromwell-Cars ensures this glowing atmosphere of teamwork and responsiveness beams outwardly onto all of its customers. The team is small and close-knit, and no one at Cromwell-Cars feels like a number. In the same vein, its kindness and no pressure approach instils confidence in its customers, as they all know they’re not just a number either. It doesn’t force sales, and it certainly doesn’t pressure its customers to return should they be looking for another vehicle in the future however, Cromwell-Cars finds that a large number of its customers do return for their next vehicle. Cromwell-Cars wants to build strong relationships with customers, no matter how many times they return. It strives to be a friend to its customer, building trust with every new connection forged. With glowing reviews, Cromwell-Cars has swiftly gained a great reputation in the area and beyond. An extremely happy customer, Michael Nixon, said, “Cromwell Cars in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, what a brilliant used car company to deal with. Robin and John are both honest and trustworthy, I have bought from them and will do again. Highly recommend to all. Great value and great service.” Winning Best Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealership & Automotive Services Garage 2023 – Cambridgeshire, Cromwell-Cars is a pre-owned vehicle specialist we won’t forget. If you’re looking for a new car, van, or motorhome – or simply looking to maintain the one you already have – you can easily reach Cromwell-Cars in a matter of moments via its website below. Contact: John Holtom Company: Cromwell-Cars Ltd Web Address: Whether you’re new to the world of vehicles or someone who has owned plenty, maintaining, buying, and even selling a car can seem daunting at the best of times. However, Cambridgeshire-based CromwellCars Ltd is here to help – every step of the way. Always putting customer service before everything else, Cromwell-Cars has been recognised in SME News’ UK Transport Awards 2023.

17 | UK Transport Awards 2023 Feb23340 Most Innovative Transport Snow Removal Machine Manufacturer - Europe At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced the chaos and havoc that accompanies snowfall. With it comes city-wide delays, and a deployment of an excessive amount of snow dumping trucks in order to clear the roads and get everyone back to their usual routines. It’s time-consuming, and often incredibly expensive, and the emissions produced can have detrimental effects on the environment. SNOCOM strives to eliminate all of these issues, and has crafted a solution to city-wide snow matters that have never been tackled in such an efficient way. Since 1925, the methods of clearing snow off of the streets has remained the same. There hasn’t been any further innovation, which has made it far more difficult for cities to clear their snowrelated problems. And, with more cars on the road than ever before, there’s a much higher demand for a way to clear snow from cities, airports and ports that’s remained unanswered for years. However, SNOCOM identified that there was a need for a new kind of machinery that could remove snow, all whilst being efficient to operate and environmentally friendly in its composition. As such, it developed The Snowcuber, the one-ofa-kind solution to reducing all elements of snow removal. Except for the quantity of snow that it’s able to clear, that is. With a goal to achieve a minimisation of truck movements, snow volume and operational expenditure, SNOCOM has come leaps and bounds through the invention of The Snowcuber. As a compressor that loads snow and exploits its composition to store as much of it as possible, The Snowcuber is the first of its kind and has no competition. Not only is it able to clear snow efficiently, thereby reducing the number of trucks required to complete a successful snow removal, but The Snowcuber can do so whilst ensuring the safety of both traffic and pedestrians too. With experts at the helm of its brilliant machinery, SNOCOM has mastered the art of effectively clearing spaces that don’t have the room available for snow to be simply dumped, all whilst ensuring that its machinery causes as little disruption as possible. Lending to this is the speed at which snow can be cleared thanks to The Snowcuber. As the leading machine in its industry, with technologies that comply with environmental requirements, The Snowcuber is able to replicate the effect of regular snowblowers with twice the capacity and efficiency. This is accomplished through its aforementioned compressing technology, where 90% of the air within snow is extracted to conserve space within the truck. As a result, not only does it benefit the environment, but it operates in a cost-effective manner that’s both quick and convenient. SNOCOM recognises better than any that snow can be a real problem for the places that don’t have the means to rapidly eliminate the issue. The Snowcuber is a passion project, created by trained engineers, who each hold the same determination to make snow removal as easy and effective as possible. Its machinery offers a streamlined solution to every city’s snow struggles, and is constantly evolving to better improve its already-astounding technology. With the assistance of SNOCOM’s Snowcuber, never again will any cities, airports or ports need to concern themselves with being surrounded by snow that they can’t shift. SNOCOM has every facility available to introduce a stress-free removal process that’ll save both your wallet, as well as the environment. Lower city-wide congestion, lower emissions, and lower hassle levels. What’s not to love? Contact: George Mensonides Company: SNOCOM Web Address:

Feb23123 Most Reliable Minibus Hire Company - South West London Whenever you’re looking to hire a transport service to get you to and from your chosen destination, reliability is by far the most crucial factor in helping you make your decision. Thankfully, Vikingston Minibus Hire (Vikingston) has the award-winning solution, providing a safe, dependable service, with a smile to top it all off. We take a look into how Vikingston has become renowned throughout London for its friendly staff and reliable transportation services. Based in SW London, but offering full UK coverage, Vikingston is a minibus hire with driver company that has managed thrive despite these difficult times. It is especially proud of its drivers, who over the years have built close relationships which their regular private clients, schools, and businesses. The company (having been established for over 20 years) has built up an enviable reputation in the local community as the go to Minibus travel provider. So whether you’re a school looking to revamp (or start) a home to school service, or to take your pupils to and from sporting events etc. Vikingston can provide a safe, reliable option. Need to get your friends to and from the big night out you’ve been planning? Or even transporting guests to and from your wedding? Vikingston has a fleet of 16 passenger Minibuses with enhanced DBS certified drivers available to help make sure everything runs smoothly. Although the company already has a long-standing list of loyal clients, Vikingston’s two directors are always looking for new opportunities, believing the adage that in business, if you stand still, you die. This focus is reiterated by a quote on the wall of their admin office “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin. They therefore encourage any businesses, schools, charities, or groups, who find themselves in need of some transportation assistance, to contact them to discuss possible solutions. With drivers based all over SW London, Vikingston’s drivers are always allocated journey’s as close to their own homes as possible. This extra attention to detail means that when driving, they often know the little shortcuts, or ways of avoiding traffic that can help make every journey that little bit better. As a result, every trip is as quick and stress free as possible, passengers can be confident that they are in safe hands, whilst being driven by someone who really enjoys doing their job, Establishing a loyal client base has helped Vikingston excel since its formation. Again and again, it has cemented its place as a service that adults and children can wholeheartedly rely on. No matter the circumstance, weather, or traffic conditions, Vikingston’s drivers will get you there safely. No journey is insignificant – each job matters, as shown by their seemingly effortlessly friendly drivers. No matter your destination, Vikingston will be on-hand to provide a service that’s unlike anything any other minibus company within London can offer. Despite difficulties that have been posed throughout the pandemic, and more recently by the upcoming expansion of the ULEZ in London, Vikingston has yet to back down from a single challenge and has no intentions of doing so in the future. Its passion for excellence is obvious and shines through by the attitude presented by every member of its staff. With 12 minibuses (soon to be 15), each with 16 passenger seats, most with air conditioning, reclining seats and sunroofs, Vikingston can provide a quality solution for nearly every transportation requirement. Large groups, multiple Minibuses, or shuttle services can all be catered for. Their ultimate aim is to make all of their clients travelling experiences as seamless as possible, passengers being confident in the knowledge that they are in safe, reliable and hands. Contact: Jan Pozniak Company: Vikingston – Minibus Hire Telephone: 0333 577 0775 Web Address: